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No, I can only think of one example, sodium (not salt because salt is sodium chloride) is clay like metal that also bursts into flames and explodes when it comes into contact with water.

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In what state are all metalloids at room temperature?

Metalloids are solids at room temperature.

What is a physical property shared by all metalloids?

They are all solids. They have properties of metals and non metals.

Are solids nonmetals?

No. Solids can be metals, metalloids, or compounds.

Are all solids metal?

No. Of the elements the metalloids, and five of the nonmetals are solids. Many more solids are compound or mixture which cannot be regared as metals or nonmetals.

Are all solids hard?

No they are not all hard.

Are all solid element metal?

No the metalloids (a.k.a. semimetals) are solids as are five of the nonmetal elements.

Why are solids hard?

Because they are solids and they are hard

3 types of elements?

metals, metalloids and non-metals solids, liquids and gases

Why metallic solids is soft to hard?

why metallic solids are soft to hard

What is the state of semi metals at room temperature?

Also known as "metalloids", semimetals are solid at room temperature.

What are facts about solids?

solids are solid and hard

Are all metalloids man made?

Metalloids are not man-made

Which metalloids conduct electricity?

all metalloids do not conduct electricity.

Characteristics of metalloids?

they are are solids. they conduct heat and electricty. they insulate at low temperatures. they conduct at high temperatures

Why are ionic solids brittle and hard?

Ionic solids are brittle and hard as they are bonded with electrostatic bonds.

Contrast liquids with solids?

Solids are hard but liquids have no feeling. Solids have a shape but liquids do not.

What are all metalloids?

Metalloids are: B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te, Po.

What properties do all metalloids have in common?

Metalloids are brittle and bad conductors of electricity.

What is the state of metalloids at room temperature?

At room temperature all metalloids are solid.

Are solids always hard?

No, they are not.

What are the phases of solids?

solids are like ice so they are in the phase of hard

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