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Roman Catholic AnswerNo, not normally. If you are referring to a good confession in which you, perhaps, honestly forgot a sin, then, yes, in that instance, the sin would be forgiven IF you mention it during your next confession, and tell the priest that you honestly forgot it last time.

But if you are asking if your sins are forgiven if you just neglect to go to confession and tell all of them, then no. Jesus set up confession as the normal way of having your sins forgiven, and you must abide by that.

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Can catholic sins be forgiven just asking god?

Venial sins can be, but mortal sins can only be forgiven through the sacrament of penance. Although it is recommended to confess venial sins in the sacrament of penance as well.

Why do people confess their sins?

People confess their sins to be forgiven. If you confess you sins to a priest, they are filling in the part of Jesus and will forgive them for Jesus. You technically only need to confess mortal sins, such as stealing or killing. However, it is not necessary to confess your sins to a priest. If you are truly sorry and you pray for forgiveness, Jesus will forgive you. People usually use this method when commiting venial sins, such as lying or cheating on a test.

What is reconciliation like?

Reconciliation is a sacrament where you confess your sins to the priest. The priest in turn gives you some penance and your sins are forgiven.

Why do Christians confess?

We confess so that we may be forgiven. The Bible tells us to confess our sins to one another so that we can hold one another accountable for our actions.1 John 1:9 - If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. [NKJV]

Why did people confess their sins in medieval time?

Roman Catholic AnswerFor the same reason they confessed their sins in the first century, or in this century: to be forgiven for those sins, because Jesus told them to.

Why do Catholics have to confess their sins to a priest?

Catholics must confess their sins to a priest as this is the only normal way in which Our Blessed Savior left for people to have their sins forgiven. Less serious sins (venial sins) may be forgiven with a good Act of Contrition and Holy Communion. Serious sins (mortal sins) may only be forgiven at Confession. Besides the Church requires that all adult Catholics must go to confession at least once a year, even if they have not committed any mortal sins. Any good Catholic who is sincerely trying to fall Christ and become perfect (Matthew 5:48) should be going to regular confession, weekly or at the least, every other week.

What happens in the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

When you confess your sins to a priest, all of your sins are forgiven and you basically start of with a clean slate. It is the stepping stone needed for all other Sacraments other than Baptism.

What does confess your sins mean?

"Confess your sins" means to confess your sins against the bible. (tell what you did against god)

What is the best study in the bible to do after you have sinned greatly?

No study. Just confess your sins to God and believe that he has forgiven you for Jesus sake, because the Bible says so: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1John 1.9)

What kind of sacrament is reconciliation?

It is where the person confesses their sins and then they are forgiven by God. The person then does penance. The person must be truly sorry for their before they confess them.

Can you even help us?

Join Illuminati and you shall be forgiven for your sins. We will help you.

Do Catholics confess their sins to a priest?

Yes, but technically, we confess our sins to God through the priest.

Will moral sins be forgiven?

Of course, the only sins which cannot be forgiven are the unforgivable sin which is the sin against Hope (the second of the Cardinal Virtues). The sins against hope which cannot be forgiven are presumption and despair.The former is akin to the Protestant theory that once you are "saved" you cannot do anything to lose your salvation. That is presumption and is unforgivable as you don't think you need forgiveness.The latter, despair, is unforgivable as you don't think you can be forgiven for whatever reason: you think you have committed too many sins, or too horrible a sin, or whatever.The sins against hope cannot be forgiven for the simple reason that you cannot be contrite and ASK for forgiveness. God will forgive ANYTHING as long as we repent of it - which is not just being sorry for it, but trying not to do it again.Sins which we have not yet done cannot be forgiven until AFTER we do them, and repent of them. But all mortal sins can be forgiven as long as we confess them and repent. It is only when we are not contrite and repentant that we cannot be forgiven.

Do you have to confess your sins to go to Heaven?

Yes, you do have to confess your sins & get baptized in the Holy Spirit to go to heaven.

Are the forgiven sins still accountable?

Sins that are confessed to a priest and proper penance was observed, such sins are forgiven and not accountable and need not be confessed again.

How do Catholics confess their sins?

They confess it by asking the priest to do a confession. A confession is when you confess your sins in front of the priest. The priests promises to keep it a secret forever.

What happens in the sacrament of penance?

In the Catholic church, you go to a priest and confess your sins. The priest then says a prayer over you and your sins are forgiven. Someitmes the priest may tell you to say a certain prayer or do a good deed when you get home.

Can mortal sins be forgiven?

Yes, all sins can be forgiven except the Sin of Pride. The Lord is merciful and He forgives.

What sins can be forgiven in several ways?

All sins can be forgiven in may ways because God can do all things

What help does the sick person receive from the sacremnet of the annoinring od the sick?

It gives you spiritual healing and strength against temptation. It heals you spiritually because, provided you have true contrition, your sins are forgiven when you receive it. If you are not able to confess your sins and have true contrition, it can even forgive your serious sins. And if it is God's will, you will also receive physical healing, though not right away.

Do you have to confess your sins?

Roman Catholic AnswerYes, confession of sins is the normal way in which Jesus has set up His church, that you have your sins forgiven. Any unconfessed mortal sin (serious sin) is enough to end you up in hell for eternity - eternally frustrated and separated from God.

In confession does the priest forgive sin?

No, the priest doesn't forgive sins, only God can do that. The whole point of the confession in Catholicism is that the people have to confess their sins to the priest and the priest tells them what to do to be forgiven but ultimately God does the forgiving. That's the Catholic perspective. But in all truth you don't need to go to confession to be forgiven. Jesus died for our sins and paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we are already forgiven. If you sin you have the ability to talk to God and tell him what you did and He'll forgive you. You don't have to go to confession to be forgiven; it's just something Catholics do.

How can mortal sins be forgiven?

They must be forgiven in private confession by a priest.

Who do you need to confess your sins to in a Roman Catholic ritual of confession?

In the Roman Catholic sacrament of confession, you confess your sins to a priest.

What are the biblical foundation of the sacrament of reconciliation?

John 20:23 - "If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained";Matt 16:19; 18:18 - more sayings on "binding and loosing";James 5:16 - "confess your sins to one another"