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I am not sure about all parts, but i know many are. As for the price. I bought mine 4 years ago at a pawn shop. 28" barrel, great shape. stock is good(i just refinished it this year) action smooth. I paid only $150 for mine. My main concern with the gun is it didn't have interchangeable chokes. It was a modified barrel. I took mine and had the barrel shortened and cut for chokes at a local, but good gunsmith for another $150. Do I think I got a good deal. YES. the gun is a little heavy for my taste, but shoots better than i do. Meaning I am the reason i miss. another downside is it is only 2 3/4 inch shells. This gun is fine for upland bird and turkey. If you plan on goose hunting forget it. Duck, you better be patient.
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How old do you have to own a shotgun in england?

In England you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a Firearms Certificate which allows you to own a shotgun. A shotgun can be obtained under the age of 14 with a Shotgun Certificate signed by a parent.

Can a 16 year old shoot a shotgun?

Yes if they have a liscense or a legally liscensed parent or gaurdian.

What is the difference between a biological and a adoptive parent?

The difference between a biological parent and an adoptive parent is that the biological parent is the one who is related to the child by blood and the adoptive parent is the one that raised the child.

How old you have to be to buy a shotgun?

legally you have to be 18 but you can just get your parent or legal guardian to purchase it for you and then give them the money

What are the differences between a parent and sibling?

Parent has more control then a sibling.

What is the difference between a child and their parent?

your parent is a grown up as if you are a baby

What is a proper noun for magazine?

A proper noun for "magazine" would be WildBird,Today's Parent, Shotgun Rifle Amunition

What is differences between a parent company and a subsidiary company?

the differences between parent and subsidiary company in capital budgeting

What is the difference between a custodial parent and a residential parent?

A custodial parent is the parent who has custody of the child. Usually, that would be both parents. A residential parent is the parent who the child lives with the most.

What is the difference between 222 and 223 calibre rifle cartridges?

The .222 Remington was the parent case for the 5.56x45/.223 Remington cartridge, and it was also the parent case of the .222 Remington Magnum (which was rejected by the military prior to the adoption of the 5.56x45). The .223 has a longer casing, which holds more powder, as well as differences in neck and shoulder measurements. The two cartridges are NOT interchangeable.

What is the difference between humus and parent material?

the difference between humus and parent material are that the lowest part of soil is the parent material and the humus is the top soil u see on the ground

What are the different between single parent and parent?

They kind of mean the same thing but the difference is that : Single parent = A parent who is doing everything by her/his self like raising a family or handling children on his/her own. Parent = A parent is just everything. A parent is just a parent.

What is the different between a parent loan and a student loan?

Parent Loan: A parent is getting the loan Student loan: A student is getting the loan

What is the difference between consolidated and parent entities?

The main difference between consolidated and parent entities is that consolidated financial statements show the activities of the parent company and all of its subsidiaries. A stand alone, or parent financial statement, treats each subsidiary as a a separate entity.

What is the difference between a surrogate parent and a step parent?

A step parent has to be married to the husband, but a sur rogate only carries the baby for a unfortunate couple.

The difference in DNA between parent cells and daughter cells?

Parent and daughter cells are genetically the same.

What is the different between parent and mother?

A parent can be a father or a mother. A mother is a female who has given birth to offspring

What is the probability that the offspring of a cross between a homozygous recessive parent and a heterozygous parent will be homozygous recessive?

There is a 50% probability that the offspring from a homozygous recessive parent and a heterozygous parent will itself be homozygous recessive.

How do you decide between best friend versus parent?

If you are a parent, you cannot be your child's best friend. You parent with love but you are ultimately responsible for raising a good person.

Who played shortstop for the Red Sox is 1903?

Fred Parent. Parent was with the Red Sox between 1901-1907.

What is the difference between parent and parents?

A parent could be a divorced mom or dad that is single and parents are a mom and a dad. so pretty much parents is plural for parent.

What is Differential between upstream and downstream inter-company transaction?

downstream from parent to subsidiary upstream from subsidiary to parent

Is there a genetic difference between a parent plant and a plantlet?

no because the parent cell has the same genes as the plantlet that is being passed on.

What is the different between cell division and budding?

For budding, the parent cell stays but for cell division, the parent is split into two.

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