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Pit vipers (Crotalinae) are so named because of their characteristic loreal pits, organs on each side of their head between nostril and eye, which act as heat-detectors.

They are venomous and should, like all snakes, be treated with respect and commonsense.

Always assume any snake to be potentially venomous; leave it alone. Most snakebite victims are bitten when attempting to catch, kill, or in some way handle the snake.

It is dangerous to decide a snake is non-venomous, or to act upon information which suggests a venomous snake is 'not very' poisonous, and therefore to treat it casually.

Even experienced handlers, scientists, and other experts can get it wrong when it comes to identification, but those expert in dealing with snakes certainly know enough to be certain that one can never be entirely certain!

There is no need to become paranoid about snakes; the incident of human snakebite victims is comparatively low; snakes will go quickly in the opposite direction when sensing the approach of something as large and heavy as a human.

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Are all poisonous snakes pit vipers?

No. All vipers are venomous, not just pit vipers. Elapids, which include taipans, cobras, and corals snakes are als highly venomous. A number of colubrid snakes are also venomous.

Do pit vipers have poison?

Yes, all pit vipers are poisonous carnivorous snakes. They use the pits to see their prey (i.e. small mammals) in infrared and the poison to kill their prey in preparation for eating it.

Are all vipers poisonous?

yes all of them are poisonous

Are cottonmouth snakes poisonous?

Yes, they are pit vipers, like rattlesnakes and copperheads.

How poisonous is the pit viper snake?

Their is many types of pit vipers first their is no such thing as a poisonous snake they are venomous some pit vipers have weak venom like copperhead snakes found in USA. The other Australian copperhead is not a pit viper it is related to cobras and mambas. Other pit vipers such as the eyelash viper found in central and south America have much more deadly venom

Can pit viper hurt people?

Certainly- some of the most deadly poisonous snakes are pit vipers. yes

Are there poisonous snakes in Korea?

No, there are no poisonous snakes in Korea. There are, however, venomous snakes. Most notably various pit vipers.

How are pit vipers unusual?

They are poisonous. Injecting the venom, hemotoxin, as opposed to cobras, which inject neurotoxin. An example of a pit viper is a rattlesnake.

What are some features of a viper snake?

There are many types of viper snakes found all around the world. They are divided into two groups; pit vipers and true vipers. Pit vipers have pit organs between their eyes and nostrils while true vipers have no pit organs.

Do pit vipers have rattles?

Yes, pit vipers do have rattles. Also, similarly to rattlesnakes, pit vipers have two organs that can sense radiation around them.

Do all rattlesnakes give live birth?

Yes. All vipers and pit vipers give birth to live young.

What is a viper snake?

Vipers are a group of snakes which include, among others, rattlesnakes. All vipers are poisonous.

Do copperheads lay eggs?

No. Copperheads are pit vipers. Pit vipers give birth to live young.

What is more poisonous the coperhead snake or cotton mouth snake?

The cottonmouth. Copperhead venom is mild compared to other pit vipers.

Which poisonous snakes give live birth in NC area?

Pit vipers. Copperhead, cottonmouth, timber and eastern diamondback rattlesnakes.

What is the family name for pit vipers?

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Is a rattlesnake a pit viper?

A rattlesnake is one of the types of pit vipers, rattlesnakes are a kind of pit viper. Pit vipers belong to the viper/Viperidae family & rattle snakes are part of the pit viper family.

Pictures of poisonous and non poisonous snakes?

Snakes do not have poison, they have venom. Some venomous snakes are taipans, Gaboon vipers, Mangshan vipers, Eyelash crested vipers, and Sawscaled vipers. Those are the coolest in my opinion.

How do the pit vipers behave?


Are copperheads pit vipers?

Yes, they are.

Is a pit viper a rattlesnake?

yes a pit viper is a venomous snake including rattlesnakes

Are vipers poisonous?

i think so

What charactseristic is unique to pit vipers?

They have a pit on each side of their heads.

Are there deadly animals in the Amazon Rainforest?

Yes, these animals include, over a hundred species of poisonous dart frogs, pit vipers, spiders and many more.

How many pit vipers are there in the world?


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