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Are all styles of Karate the same?

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Yes and No. The primary influences of karate can be traced back to a single area, but as it 'travelled' from country to country, local skills were mixed in to create something different. Karate originated on the island of Okinawa, now a part of Japan. It was created by combining the local Okinawan art of Te with influences of Chinese Kung Fu.

Several hundred years later, Okinawan teachers went to Japan and taught karate there. Elements of the existing Martial Arts were incorporated and merged to become various styles of Japanese Karate.

From Japan, karate was taught in Korea, merging with the native martial arts there to develop a slightly new style. Each of the styles puts the focus on slightly different things. But if one watches a variety of skilled practitioners, you will begin to see differences and similarities between the different branches. But the ultimate goal of all karate-ka is to become a better person.

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Who founded karate?

There are many differant founders of differant styles of karate. eg: GKR karate or IGK karate Sho-to-kan karate all have differant founders.

What is wada ryu karate?

Wada ryu karate is a form of karate that has influences from all the main styles of karate, but the only differences are in the kata's. for example, the pinan's and unsu are from Wada ryu style.

What is Japan's karate called?

The primary style of Karate in Japan is Shotokan, but there are a number of others that are found there. Okinawa is now a part of Japan and is the origin of all styles of karate.

Is Karate a Japanese fighting style?

Karate-do originated in Okinawa, which is now a part of Japan, but is a fusion of both Okinawan and Chinese Martial arts techniques. The word Karate literally translates as "Empty Hand" - however, it's origins also translate to "China Hand". Karate, or Karate-do, is one of several Japanese Budo (Martial Way) arts that has many styles. Other Do arts are: Aikido Kendo (Sword) Judo Kyudo (Bow/Mounted Archery) There are many styles of Japanese Karate, as there are many other styles of Korean Karate and the styles of other countries. However, Karate is historically traced to Okinawa and China. Some different styles of Japanese Karate are: Shotokan Shorin-Ryu Isshin-Ryu Goju-Ryu The term "Ryu" comes from "Ryuku", which is the name of the islands of which Okinawa is a part. These are a few of many different Japanese Karate styles, but all are descendants or variations on the original ancient styles. Differences can be in technique, stance, etc., but most Karate forms are similar in nature.

What are the different types of karate?

There are scores of karate styles, most of them offshoots of other styles of karate. The primary styles as recognized by the World Karate Federation for form exercises are: Shotokan-ryu Shito-ryu Budokan Kyokushinkai Gojo-ryu Wado-ryu Shorin-ryu Uechi-ryu Almost all other styles are influenced by one or more of these. If you're curious, Chuck Norris has an 8th degree black belt in Tai Kwon do.

How many forms are there in karate?

The number of forms or kata in a style varies from style to style. Your instructors can answer the question for your style.

What fighting styles does James Bond do?

He uses karate and street brawling styles.

What form Of karate emphasizes spectacular kicks?

The styles you are thinking of are Tae Kwan Do, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu; Karate emphasizes economy of movement, so it frowns a lot on "fancy kicks." That is one thing all Karate styles are in agreement on, despite the differences of opinion on how to train and what is better to emphasize, Kata or Kumite. All Karate styles pretty much agree, fancy kicks are a big no-no; they waste too much energy, and precious seconds.

Is Kung Fu and tae kwon do the same?

No, they are not the same. Kung fu originated in China. Some aspects of kung fu have been incorporated into various styles of taekwondo through the Okinawa karate styles.

Is it better to choose a style of karate or do the regular?

Each school teaches a specific style. There is no 'regular' karate. There are many similarities between all of the styles, with a few differences.

What is the different between Okinawan karate and plain karate?

There is no "Plain Karate." Karate originated in Okinawa. It has spread throughout the world. It has been modified in many places and there is what is often referred to as Japanese Karate, Korean Karate and even American Karate. They all incorporate aspects of the original styles from Okinawa, and incorporate local martial arts as well.

What is the most popular style of karate?

There are literally hundreds of karate styles. Shoto kan is arguably the most popular. It has most schools in the world compared to other styles.

What is different about sport karate and budo karate?

Sport karate is geared towards competition rather than as a martial art. Budō is simply a Japanese word for martial arts, with gendai budō referring to styles that came about after the Meiji restoration - karate, aikido, judo, kendo etc. As such ALL karate is "budo karate".

Karate that starts with a G?

{| |- | That could be Goju Ryu. It is one of the original styles of karate. It came from Okinawa. |}

Is karate taxable?

A karate dojo is a business. It is subject to the same taxes and regulations all businesses are responsible for.

What Kung Fu styles of belts are there?

Kung fu doesnt use belts it uses sashes. They follow the same color as karate.

What is another name for karate?

Karate is an umbrella term to refer to various styles of martial arts. It stands for "Empty hands". There is no alternative word for Karate.

Who was the first karate teacher ever?

It is difficult to tell. Karate was developed over a large time period and by many masters developing their own styles. Karate is like an umbrella that covers all those styles. But I know that Itosu Ankō is considered a legenday master who taught people like Funakoshi Gichin and Kenwa Mabuni.

What is different types of karate?

There are various styles of Karate. Such Wado ryu, Goju ryu, Shotokan ryu or Kyokushin kaikan.

What is the better fighting style judo or karate?

all styles differ from one another and no style is better it all depeds on your personal skill level

What are the major karate styles worldwide?

Okinawa Karate * Shorin Ryu * GoJu Ryu * Shito Ryu * Wado Ryu Korean Karate * Tang Soo Do * Tae Kwon Do * Hapkido Japanese Karate * Shotokan

What is the first form in karate?

It depends on the actual style of karate. There are many variations between the styles, so there is no one 'universal' first form , or kata. Some styles share the same forms, at different ranks. For example, one style's first form may be another one's second, and with slight variations.

Why is it incorrect to call karate a martial art?

It is not incorrect to call karate a martial art. There are those that will argue that some styles of karate have been modified from a martial art to a sport.

What is karate a form of?

Karate is a martial art. It originated in Okinawa around 200 years ago.

The different disciplines of karate?

There are many different disciplines of karate. There are two many to mention. However they all come down to same same purpose, the way of the warrior. (bushido)

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