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No. Identical twins are identical. Fraternal twins are not.

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Q: Are all twins identical
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Related questions

Why do Identical twins have different fingerprints?

Some people think identical means all the same. It does. They call identical twins identical twins because the are almost identical. All finger prints are different.

How are conjoined twins and identical twins alike?

Identical twins are created when 1 eggs splits into 2. Conjoined twins are the result of identical twins not separating all the way.

Do the Duggars have any identical twins?

No, their twins are all fraternal

Are all identical twins born in the month of June?

No. Identical twins are born anytime. No specific month.

Was Shakespeare's twins identical?

No. All identical twins are the same sex. Judith and Hamnet were opposite sexes, and so were fraternal twins.

Are the Bella twins identical twins?

Yes the Bella twins are identical twins

What percentage of twins are fraternal?

There is no precise percentage of fraternal or identical twins but it is estimated that 2/3 of all twins are fraternal where as 1/3 of twins are identical.

Is the DNA in twins the same?

In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

How identical are identical twins?

Twins are identical because they come from the same egg.

Are twins are identical or non identical?

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical twins, also called fraternal twins, develop from two different fertilized eggs.

Why are identical twins identical and fraternal twins are not?

Identical twins are formed from a single egg that splits into two. Fraternal twins are formed from two separate eggs that are both separately fertilized. So identical twins have identical DNA, and fraternal twins do not.

Why identical twins are similar?

If they were not then they would not be called identical twins!

What is an example of a clone?

All natural identical twins.

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse identical twins?

Yes, they are identical twins, monozygotic twins, born ten minutes apart. They share the same genome, they are identical genetically, they are identical twins.

Do identical or non identical twins share a placenta?

do identical or non identical twins share the same placenta

If identical twins have a child with identical twins will the babies look the same?


If identical twins marry identical twins will their children be siblings?


What is the genetic difference between identical and non identical twins?

identical twins have the same genes from the same parents. Non identical twins have different genes.

Do identical twins have identical footprints?


Two horses with identical genes can be called what?

Identical twins. Although horses sometimes have twins I'm not sure if they have identical twins.

What is the different between identical twins and franternal twins?

Identical twins look precisely "identical" - they came from the same egg. Fraternal twins (which can be the same sex or opposite sexes) do not look all that much alike, and came from two separate eggs.

Do Identical twins think more alike than Fraternal?

Yes. Fraternal twins don't look alike at all. Identical, meaning to look the same, are well, identical.

How do you get identical and non identical twins?

Identical twins are formed when one fertilized eggs splits. Non-identical twins are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized.

If I am a twin can I have twins?

i personally know a set of identical twins. BOTH of them had twins. i don't know if their twins were identical too.

Why are identical twins and fraternal twins not the exact same?

Identical twins are formed from a single egg that splits into two. Fraternal twins are formed from two separate eggs that are both separately fertilized. So identical twins have identical DNA, and fraternal twins do not.