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No, with the exception of the flutes, all woodwind instruments have reeds, flutes used to have reeds (similar to Oboe reeds) and that is why they are still classed as woodwind.

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Are all woodwind instruments made from wood?

no they all have to have a reed to be a wood wind instrument

What are the near relations to the main woodwind instruments?

Traditionally woodwind instruments were all made out of wood obviously! Oboes, clarinets, bassoons and cor anglais' are all still made out of wood but other instruments in the 'woodwind' family (flutes, saxophones, piccolos) are now made out of metal so are considered near relations to the 'main' woodwind instruments.

What are the similarities for woodwind and string instruments?

All of these instruments are constructed in wood. This is the only similarity.

What instruments don't belong to the woodwind family?

There are many - all those not made out of wood - all those not blown by mouth.

What are facts about the woodwind family?

Woodwind instruments use vibrating air to produce many different musical sounds.The instruments in this family all used to be made of wood, which gives them their name. Today, they are made of wood, metal, plastic or some combination.You play them by blowing air through the mouthpiece (that's the "wind" in "woodwind") and opening or closing the holes with your fingers to change the pitch.The oldest instrument in the woodwind family is the flute.The reason the flute is in the woodwind family, although being predominantly made of metal, is a small wooden cork ring in the top section.

What are the same about woodwind instrument?

Considering the name 'woodwind' would suggest that all the instruments are made of wood, however saxophones and flutes aren't. The common thread of most woodwind instruments is the reed. Saxophones (despite being made of brass) and clarinets are both woodwind instruments as they have single reeds. Oboes and bassoons have double reeds. The anomaly is the flute which doesn't have a reed and is made of metal. The reason it is in the woodwind family is because it is a wind instrument (i.e. it is played by a player blowing down it) which can't be group with brass as it produces a totally different sound quality. Also the fact it isn't even made of brass AND has a completely different mouthpiece to your typical brass instrument puts it alongside woodwind. Again also the flute originates from a pan flute which is made of wood.

Why is the flute in the woodwind section?

The flute is in the woodwind section because it was made of wood when it was originally developed. The flute continued to be made almost exclusively of wood until the 19th century, when metal-bodied instruments began to become popular. Even so, many modern flute players use a metal body with a wooden head, feeling that it makes a much better tone than the all-metal instruments. This is a much easier question, by the way, than why the french horn, which was never wood, is included in the woodwind quintet!

Which wood wind instrument is actually made of brass?

All saxaphones are made of brass but are woodwind

Do all woodwind instruments have a reed?

No. For example, the flute is a woodwind instrument, but it does not have a reed.

Are all the instruments in the string family made out of wood?

Traditionally all string instruments are all wood bodies. There are some which are made from fiberglass and are very modern in design.

Are the flute the oboe and the clarinet all brass instruments?

They are not brass instruments. They are woodwind instruments.

Do brass instruments all have reeds?

Brass instruments do not have reeds, some woodwind instruments do.

Is a tenor sax a woodwind instrement?

Yes, because they all have reeds, all of the saxes are woodwind instruments

What instrument produces the highest pitch of all woodwind instruments?

The piccolo is the highest pitched instrument in the woodwind section of instruments A+LS= CLARINET!

Why is the saxophone in the woodwind family?

Because the woodwind family includes all instruments that are used with reeds.

Why is the oboe a woodwind instrument?

The oboe was and is made out of wood. All woodwind instruments are constructed out of a wood body with metal keys. The flute and piccolo are the only woodwind instruments that do not use wooden reeds as a mouthpiece. Clarinets and saxophones (a hybrid of brass and woodwind) use single reeds held onto the mouth joint by a ligature, a small metal clamp. Oboes, English horns, and bassoons use a double reed, composed out of two thin reeds of bamboo held together by twine and cork, that are inserted either directly into the upper joint (oboe and horn) or attached to a bocal - a curved piece of hollow metal - and then to the bassoon. Unlike its woodwind companions, the flute and piccolo are hollow tubes with an opening across the upper surface. Air is not blown directly into the hole, either, as with those listed above, but across it, producing a sound. Most woodwind instruments are made of wood or plastic now, except for flute, piccolos, and saxophones. They are more often made out of metal, such as brass, nickle, or silver. Marching instruments are rarely made of wood, because of the harsh weather conditions that the instruments may be subjected to. All woodwind instruments also have corks and pads on the underside of every key, held in place by springs. This ensures that you have a solid air flow through the instrument to produce the best sound possible.

Which instrument is not part of the brass family?

All the instruments that are percussion instruments, string instruments, and woodwind instruments are not part of the brass family.

What are the names of all Woodwind instruments in an orchestra?

The main woodwind instruments are (high to low): Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Contra-Bassoon. There are others however, such as all the saxophones and the recorder.

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