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Asthma and Allergies as far as the relation. Allergies tend to trigger histamine to be released which can cause swelling, rashes, itching, etc. The swelling can have the side effect of fluid accumulation from mucus membranes. Asthma is a constriction of tiny muscles deep in the lungs, as they constrict it takes more time and force to breath through the smaller tubes. an allergy can cause swelling of the tissue in the upper and lower airways having the same affect as asthma but also fluid accumulation. In a severe allergic reaction you can have constriction of the upper airway. Any fluid, swelling, itching, constriction of the airway can cause coughing. As far as an allergy causing or triggering asthma, I am not sure.

Keep searching the net for information and help, try sites devoted to asthma and allergies. also go to sites with message boards. you may find other people there that may share signs/symptoms, and find information on some specialists that may be able to help. I am sure the answer and help is out there somewhere. as far as going out west for TB, I have heard of many people with the condition moving to places like Arizona to improve their conditions. make sure it is a warm dry environment with CLEAN air. But remember if it is an allergy problem the pollen and dust flying in the air in these areas can cause problems as well. What ever your sister's underlying cause you should get a high quality air filter for the living space. She is also going to need to understand what things she is allergic to and do her best to avoid those things the best she can.

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Q: Are allergies asthmas and coughs related?
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What does it mean when a goat coughs?

Mostly the same things it means when a human coughs: Something foreign in the throat or lungs, cold, flu, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

Are coughing and allergies related?

It could be, allergies can cause you to cough

Are nut allergies related to mushroom allergies?

No, nut allergies and mushroom allergies are un-related. Nut allergies are closely related to tree nuts, however. Mushrooms are in the fungi family, so experiencing an allergy to mushrooms would be more closely related to molds/seasonal fungi. You should consult with your primary care physician or allergist and possibly get tested.

Why are nut allergies related to allergy to soy?

The nut allergies are related to soy allergies because nut and soy have similar proteins, the body reacts against these proteins.

How do you know you have an allergy and not a cold?

A fever is a sign of a cold or sinus infection. Although both allergies and a cold may have a clear discharge from the nose, it may turn creamy, yellow or green after a few days with a cold. Allergies produce dry coughs where colds produce wetter-sounding coughs. With allergies, eyes may be itchy and either watery or dry; with a cold, they may turn pink with a discharge matching the nose.

Why do people have allergies?

Allergies are mostly related to repeated exposure -- to any substance.

What are the different symptoms that indicate allergies instead of a cold?

Allergies will make you feel sick and is may feel like you have a cold. Allergies often create stuff noses, sneezing and runny eyes as well as coughs and respitory issues. They do not usually have aches or chills associated with colds.

How are allergies and croup related?

allergies and croup relation are alternative infection is conman in bouth

Are sulfa drug allergies and silica gel related?

every drug can cause allergies

Do asthma killed you?

yes asthmas can kill you

Can dogs have asthmas?

Dogs do get allergies, you would need to check with your vet, do not give over the counter products, reason is if pet is coughing it may be a heart condition and the over the counter med's may make matters worse

Can ear popping be related to allergies?


What are some outstanding websites about food allergies and young children?

For a fantastic website related to anyone with food allergies, see related links below.

Can anyone be allergic to honey?

Sort of. Some people have allergies that may be exacerbated by honey, but most of the problems are related to the specific plants from which the honey was created. Allergies to honey are very rare. See related links for information about a study of honey-related allergies.

How do you cure coughing?

First you need a proper diagnosis of the cough and then the proper prognosis for a treatment plan. Most coughs are due to infection or allergies and can be treated with antibiotics or allergy treatments. Some coughs are suppressed with cough medications and perhaps a narcotic to relax the lung muscles.

Home Remedies For Dry Coughs?

Dry coughs are most often associated with allergies or bronchitis, so treating these conditions is the most effective method to treating the cough. There are a range of home remedies for dry coughs, as well, most of which can be taken as part of homemade teas. Honey and lemon may be used, along with aniseed or garlic. Aniseed is widely used for its medicinal properties, and garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce dry coughs.

Can asthma and allergies be related to cancer?

This depends on the type of allergies and the type of cancer, but usually not. Ask a doctor about it, anyway.

How do you stop a horses cough?

How to stop a cough depends on what is causing it. Coughs can be due to respiratory infections, allergies or simple inhaled irritants. You need to determine the cause to determine the cure.

What diseases does eyebright treat?

Eye diseases, coughs, colds, allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, earaches, headaches, jaundice, throat and bronchial congestion, hoarseness, flu and sinus inflammation.

How do food allergies and food intolerances differ?

While food allergies involve the immune system, food intolerance is not related to the immune system.

Is skin allergy related to wheezing?

Skin allergies or eczema and wheezing or asthma are closely connected. Food allergies are also part of the atopic picture.

How do you use the word coughs in a sentence?

I hope he coughs up the entry fee.

What is the cause of coughing in dogs and what medication can be given?

Unless there is something lodged in the dog's throat or is choking (see a vet ASAP), most dog coughs are an infection called "kennel cough." A vet can help you treat kennel cough--and there are vaccines that work against some kinds of it. Don't expose a coughing dog to other dogs to prevent the spread of the infection. Some dogs get allergies, and the cough could be related to that as well. A vet will help you figure out if your dog has allergies.

What type of coughs are there?

coughs can last for abit it just depends if you had a bad cold before

Are cherry coughs drops good for coughs?

there alright, they will only soothe your throat though nothing much, but your coughs will come right back if you don't take medicine