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Q: Are ammonia and bleach the ingredients of mustard gas?
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Ingredients of mustard gas?

The ingredients are ammonia and bleach (Not only is this not true, it is DANGEROUS! It will produce Chlorine gas witch eats at the lining of your respiratory track. Real mustard gas is liquid at room temperature)

Can you mix two different strong cleaners together?

ammonia + bleach = mustard gas

I've heard that using bleach and windex in the same room will make a deadly gas form, is that true?

Windex has ammonia included in its ingredients. When bleach and ammonia mix they form "chlorine gas." This gas is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Is ammonia bleach?

No. There are a number of types of bleach. Ammonia is not one of them. Never mix ammonia and bleach. Depending on the type, they can react to form a deadly gas.

Do Bleach and ammonia produces Chlorine gas?

No because ammonia and chlorine gas react together, as well as ammonia and bleach. So in other words, you cannot produce a chlorine gas with something that is meant to react to it.

What do you never mix into products containing ammonia?

Bleach.Do not mix bleach and ammonia. Combined, they react to make a toxic gas along with corrosive acids.Repeat: do not mix ammonia and bleach.

Does bleach contain ammonia?

No. Bleach can contain a number of substances depending on the type. You should never mix ammonia with bleach; they can react to form a deadly gas.

Why is it a problem to mix ammonia and bleach?

When ammonia and bleach are mixed, a chemical reaction takes place that releases toxic chlorine gas into the area.

What cant you mix with bleach?

Ammonia. Makes a noxious gas.

What happens when you mix bleach ammonia and dry ice?

Don't mix bleach and ammonia. It will create a toxic gas that can burn your lungs and cause irreversible damage.

How do you convert urea to ammonia?

well you could add bleach, but that would just release the ammonia as a gas

What happens when you inhale ammonia and bleach?

Ammonia and Bleach create Chlorine gas. Which causes respiratory damage that will lead to death if enough is inhaled. Oh and it's painful. Warning to all who like to clean the toilet by letting a bit of bleach soak in it: Make these restrooms off limits to the kids, or better yet, wait until after they are asleep. My son urinated in the toilet after I had left bleach in it to soak. He came running out with his pants down to escape the odor. Urine has just enough ammonia in it apparently to create a mini "mustard gas" reaction.

What are the ingredients for poison gas?

Sulphur dioxide + ethylene --> mustard gas orthiodiglycol + a chlorinating agent (conc. HCl or some phosphorus trichloride) --> mustard gas.

Why is bleach dangerous to use?

Bleach and ammonia together can create chlorine gas, which can be harmful over a period of time.

Can you have long term affects from mixing ammmonia and bleach?

Yes. You can be dead, long term. Mixing ammonia and bleach makes ammonia chloride, the chemical used in the gas chamber.

Why should ammonia and bleach be stored separately in your home?

When mixed together, ammonia and bleach form chlorine gas which is harmful for lung, or at least concentration irritant for eyes, airways, skin etc...

What will happen if you mix detergent and bleach together?

Your clothes will get cleaner. Mixing bleach and ammonia liberates poison gas, but detergents are made so they can be safely mixed with bleach.

Why can't you use bleach on pet urine on hardwood floors?

Urine has ammonia in it. Mixing bleach and ammonia creates a deadly gas. A young woman was in a nearly killed and spent several days in a coma after cleaning the kitty litter box with bleach.

How many british soldiers died from mustard gas?

What is Mustard gas What is Mustard gas

What is found in mustard gas?

mustard and gas

An example of a poisonous gas is?

One poisonous gas used in World War 1 and was stockpiled but not used in World War 2 was Mustard gas which is basically like mixing ammonia and chlorine bleach together. It can kill the lungs and nervous system quickly or a person can survive if the exposure is low but he or she will suffer many ailments from the exposure.

What would happen is you mixed turpentine with bleach?

Same thing as mixing ammonia and bleach. You'll get chlorine gas, which was used in WWI for anti-trench warfare.

What was mustard gas like?

mustard gas kills you

Symptoms of mustard gas?

signs and symptoms of mustard gas

Is mustard gas made of mustard plant?

No, its called 'mustard' gas because it has a yellow colour.