Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Are anxiety and depression related?

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== == Both depression and anxiety disorder can come from a common source, namely seratonin imbalance. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter produced by the body that does an amazing little balancing "dance" to get just enough across the synaptic gap and still save some for later. When too little is available, or too much goes across the gap, the result is worse than a noise phone line or a cell phone conversation with only a bar or two of signal, and neurons don't have time to say, "can you hear me now?" Seriously, though, treatment for depression and anxiety can be as simple as taking a pill every day. Some people are uncomfortable with these pills, known as antidepressants, because many feel that medical dependence is identical to addiction. It isn't. Just like a diabetic is not "addicted" to insulin, so a person with serotonin imbalance is not "addicted" to antidepressants; in both cases the extra material is merely medically necessary. On a personal note, I've fought with depression and anxiety for most of my life. Only about 7 years ago did I discover that it was chemical, not mental. Yes, there is a mental side to both depression and anxiety; when your body makes you feel a certain way, you'll treat situations in such a way that they'll make you more depressed or anxious. I finally had to get help after nearly passing out at work due to a panic attack, a condition also associated with serotonin imbalance but not necessarily the same as anxiety in all cases. Now that my body is able to deal with its issues, my mind can deal with the rest. This is not something you should self-treat, though! While some people can get relief through herbal remedies such as St. John's Wort, more often than not this requires prescription-strength treatment and careful monitoring, especially during the first few weeks of treatment. You won't necessarily have to go into a hospital or other "institution," although if your medication gets way off balance (which can happen due to life changes, pregnancy, interactions with other medications, and other issues), you may have to be hospitalized temporarily for treatment. I haven't had to do this yet, but I caught it in time, and I stay in touch with my internist to make sure everything's OK. My internist is also well-versed in these things; not all are. It sounds rougher than it is, really. Joe is absolutely right! It's as easy as being diagnosed and given an antidepressant and working with your doctor and following orders. Some people don't have to be on antidepressants for the rest of their lives (I'm one of the fortunate ones). While doing so through medication therapy is also helpful to take "Cognitive Therapy Course" by Belinda Basset and it worked! I can play one of her tapes in my car. I suffered from stress (also known as anxiety) when my father had his stroke and between working, helping my mother out with my father and just getting married I basically was burning the candle at both ends. I really didn't know what was happening to me. Probably getting anxiety (panic attacks as well that turned into Agoraphobia) saved my life and made me realize I had to start adjusting my stress and learn how to do that. I now look at problems in my life in a more healthy way and don't waste my energy on "what ifs" or "I could get anxiety back again." yes depression leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to depression.

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What can I do about anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression can be caused from various amount of things related to everyday routines. Visiting a counselor would be very helpful with the anxiety and depression. In doing that, the counselor would be able to get to the source of the anxiety and depression, and suggest a way to decrease the issues.

Is loneliness related to depression or boredom?

absolutely! Anxiety as well.

What chat rooms are available for those who suffer from depression?

Depression-Chat-Rooms is a website dedicated to depression and anxiety peer support. They offer support through their chat rooms, forums and blog session related to depression and anxiety.

Is Anxiety and Depression linked and if so how are they related?

You can be depressed if you have anxiety but it's not usually the other way around. Most doctors would probably tell you that stress would cause depression, but because anxiety can cause stress I would say it can cause depression.

If anxiety and depression are correlated what three possible directions of causality might explain this correlation?

If anxiety and depression are correlated, there are three possible directions of causality. These are anxiety causes depression, depression causes anxiety, and there is an environmental stimuli that causes both anxiety and depression.

What is a good drug to treat anxiety and depression?

Zoloft for depression. Xanax for anxiety.

What has the author Heather Denkmire written?

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What are the physiological and psychological effects of food deprivation on humans.?

Depression, anxiety, and food-related dreams.

What type of anxiety disorder is related to a history of shyness in childhood?

Social anxiety disorder is often related to people that were shy as children. Clinical depression can also be linked to those who were shy children.

Can weed help with depression and anxiety?

Yes. Medical Marijuana(Weed) helps with depression and anxiety

Where can one find a chat room filled with depression?

Online chat rooms that focus on issues related to depression and anxiety can be found at chatzy and, helpful chat. There is also a support community for depression at depression chat rooms.

What has the author Charles Gerard Costello written?

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Is depression common with anxiety disorder?

having an anxiety disorder can have a large part in someone also contracting depression because of the stresses and pressures anxiety disorders bring.

Can exercising lower a person's depression and anxiety?

Several studies have shown that both a healthy diet and exercise can reduce depression and anxiety. If you have any existing health conditions or are over 50 it is important to consult your physician before starting an excessive routine. WebMd is a good resource on anxiety and depression. An article which deals with exercise for anxiety and depression can be found at

What is the definition of anxiety disorder?


What are some symptoms of adjustment disorders?

depression anxiety mixed anxiety and depression conduct disturbances mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct

Can depression trigger anger?

Depression has been known to go hand in hand with anxiety, anger may be a sign of severe anxiety.

What is best drug for anxiety and panic?

Paxil is rather effective for depression and anxiety.

Which websites offer advice about anxiety and depression?

Websites for the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and Psych Central offer information and advice pertaining to anxiety and depression. While WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and Psych Central are websites that focus on an array of topics, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America focuses solely on the two disorders.

What is Lexapro used to treat?

Depression and anxiety.

Are there depression and anxiety food links?

yes there is

Both anxiety and depression are very?


What do you take for depression and anxiety?

paracetomol lol

Is Depression in reality a subcategory of Anxiety?

No, not at all.

What is the most easily recognized mood disorder?

Depression, although also anxiety, either by itself or alternating with depression.The most easily recognized mood disorders symptoms include depression and anxiety