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Rouen (a city in France) was a major card-producing centre in the sixteenth century. The cards made in Rouen were traditionally named David, Charles (or Charlemagne), Caesar and Alexander, which represented the kings of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs respectively this was aqcuired from


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there are four kings in a deck of playing cards

Each pack of cards has 4 Kings.

The kings in a deck of playing cards represent actual historical rulers! * Hearts: Charlemagne * Clubs: Alexander the Great * Diamonds: Julius Caesar * Spades: King David

A standard deck of cards contains 54 cards, four of which are kings (one from each suit).

A royal card in a deck of playing cards would include the face cards including Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

There are two red kings in an ordinary deck of playing cards. They are the king of diamonds and the king of hearts.

No they're represented as kings of a country.

Each of the Kings on the cards are based on historical kings.So the king it was based on was probably not known for having a moustache.

false only the queens have mustaches

There are four kings in a deck of cards.

the kings are that there is 4 kings in a deck of 52 cards and they are worth 10 points

There are 2 Black Kings in a pack of cards.

There are 4 kings in a pack of 52 cards so the odds are 1:13 (4/52).

In a normal deck of playing cards, two of the four kings have a knife against their head, making it appear that they are preparing to commit suicide. This is revelant because in decks without jokers or in games requiring different ammounts of wild cards, this term can be used to describe that two of the four kings should be wild cards. In addition, it prevents confusion about which kings are just kings and which ones are wild cards.

There are four Kings in a standard pack of cards Hope this helps xxxx

4 kings in a deck of cards.

50/2 Since: there are only 2 red kings (hearts and diamonds) and there are 50 that ARE NOT red kings.

Historical books give us the history of the kings period , like the book of Kings and Chronicles.

There are 4 kings and 4 jacks in a deck of cards, so 8/52 which simplifies to 2/13 or 15.4%

kings and queens of historical times

The web address of the Kings Mountain Historical Museum Founda is:

The address of the Kings Mountain Historical Museum Founda is: Po Box 552, Kings Mtn, NC 28086-0552

A standard deck of cards has four kings. A pinochle deck has eight, two of each suit.

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