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first of all, Im not a guy-but heres a woman's perspective on this. We like a man to be nice, but not a mamma's boy. Im not accusing you, just know that we are sometimes overly critical in this area. Also, if a guy is stoic and nothing but nice, we'll get bored. A man has to be a LITTLE flirty, even just enough to know that she's attractive to you. we like a bit of a rebel sometimes, but don't be a punk- that's almost always an instant turnoff. hope this helped!

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What Sex with other girls?

Sex with other girls is called being a lesbian.

Do teenage girls kiss each other?

In today's world, different sexualities are becoming more and more accepted and open. This being said, young girls who are maturing and coming to terms with themselves may explore various options to find out what works for them and their preferences.

Why were the Democrutus ideas rejected by the other philosophers?

His ideas were rejected because his beliefs contrasted greatly with those of Aristotle's, whose ideas were widely accepted at the time. Democritus believed that matter was made up of small particles called atoms but he could not explain what held atoms together, resulting in other philosophers rejecting his ideas.

Why are boys scared to ask girls out I'm not really that worried if i get rejected or if other people find out but everytime i go to ask her and prievious girls out i choke and end up asking by sms?

It is because you just scared and that is your fear !

Why would the guy you like show you his affection for you and other signs of liking but don't act on it?

Because his petrified by the though of being rejected.

What is another word for rejected?

Some other words for rejected would be refuse, turn down, and pass up. Using rejected in a sentence would be, 'He felt rejected after they broke up.'

What you the difference between a postulate and a theorem?

A postulate is something that is accepted as true without proof. A theorem, on the other hand, is something that has been proven and is now being accepted as true.

Do girls like being feeled?

At times they do and at other times feeling is asault.

Can a girl like other girls?

Yes. Its called being homosexual or lesbian

Does he like you or is he just being friendly or nice?

Look at how he acts with other girls

Are dollars accepted in Oman?

Dollars are accepted in many stores and other places in Oman.Dollars are accepted in many stores and other places in Oman.

What are some of Aristotle's struggles in life What are some of his set-backs and promblems with him being a mathematicanian?

his ideas were rejected a lot by other scientist

Why do teenage girls give in to peer pressure?

Girls can be over obsessed in popularity and want guys to like them or even other girls to like them and be accepted so they will do anything to fit in. It is basicly what teachers tell you. Listen to them they were teenagers once to. They know a lot.

Are males boys better then girls?

well males can do other things than girls can. I'd say males are definitely better at being boys than girls are.

Are emo girls more cute than normal girls?

No, being emo will not make a girl automatically cuter. There are emo girls who are cuter than non-emo girls and the other way round too, being emo really has nothing to do with cuteness at all.

Do girls like being called princess?

Like most other nicknames some people will like it and some won't. I think that girls will generally like being called princess.

What blood groups can be accepted by other blood groups?

what blood group can be accepted by other groups

What does it mean when a guy wont talk about other girls around you?

It means he is being polite.

What other words you can use for accepted?

Accepted as in accepted Islam, can also be termed as 'turned to' Islam.

Why is swinging so popular?

It gives men and women a chance to have sexual relationships with other people without the fear of being rejected or cheating on their spouse.

How do you prevent from being rejected when asking out someone?

One way you can never b rejected is to say this " i really like you your an amazing girl/guy and i think we'd b great for each other so do ya wanna go out" iT ALWAYS WORK foR mE

If You go out with a boy and he talks to other girls and dont claim you?

You should leave him if he is flirting with other girls because he shows no interest in you. Apart from that he is just being friendly, don't get jealous.

Can Americans go to Hogwarts?

Answer: if they were half wizard and half human! Answer: First of all, please note that Hogwarts is a fictitious place. In the story, no mention is made of foreign students either being accepted or rejected in Hogwarts. However - according to the story - other countries also have their own schools of magic. Two of them are mentioned in book 4.

Why does my girfriend like to spend more time with her friends than me?

Been there. It's nothing to worry about. She knows how you feel about her, but being with her friends probably makes her feel accepted and needed in a different way. Unless you're totally sensing that she's just not into you any more, give her a little slack here. Girls have a need to be with other girls. It's normal.

Is a female lesbian if she calls other girls darling and sweetheart?

no.. that's just being nice.