Navy SEALs

Are any women members of the Navy Seals?

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2013-04-11 01:57:40

The Navy currently has 2 years to submit to Congress why women

shouldn't be allowed to serve as SEAL's, but in general, it has

nothing to do with the physical or psychological


The simple fact is that SEAL's typically operate behind enemy

lines, and if captured, a woman would be a higher-value propaganda

hostage for an enemy, if nothing else. Women in Asian and Muslim

societies are already treated as second-class citizens, and to

expect a woman, even if she were a SEAL, to garner respect from

guerrilla forces friendly to us in nations we're trying to support

is just wishful thinking. The U.S. had problems in Saudi Arabia

when we stationed women there during the Gulf War, and nearly

caused a breakdown in relations by them just being there.

The bottom line is that unlike what some in our country might

think, the parts of the world where people aren't that nice to men

are frankly plain hostile to women.

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