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The Navy currently has 2 years to submit to Congress why women shouldn't be allowed to serve as SEAL's, but in general, it has nothing to do with the physical or psychological requirements.

The simple fact is that SEAL's typically operate behind enemy lines, and if captured, a woman would be a higher-value Propaganda hostage for an enemy, if nothing else. Women in Asian and Muslim societies are already treated as second-class citizens, and to expect a woman, even if she were a SEAL, to garner respect from guerrilla forces friendly to us in nations we're trying to support is just wishful thinking. The U.S. had problems in Saudi Arabia when we stationed women there during the Gulf War, and nearly caused a breakdown in relations by them just being there.

The bottom line is that unlike what some in our country might think, the parts of the world where people aren't that nice to men are frankly plain hostile to women.

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Q: Are any women members of the Navy Seals?
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I contacted the Navy and my reply was "I'm not the print guru but as far as I know there are not actually any SEALs in the photo. The names listed are members of our advertising account team." There you have it...

What are the navy seals ranks?

The U.S. Navy SEALs are a special operations unit of the U.S. Navy and go by the same ranks as any other sailor would.

Did any of the navy seals die?

If your talking about SEAL team 6, no. Not any of them died, yet. Normal Navy SEALs got ambushed once with a helicopter, and two of them died. As far as I know, I bet that not even 60 Navy SEALs died.

Are there any female US Navy SEALS?


Do army women in war fly helicopters in combat?

In the Army, women do as much as men. Acutually that is not true women can't join any elite combat groups in the military such as navy seals..

Why are navy seals called navy seals?

Navy SEALs or SEa Air and Land teams are called this because of there ability to operate in any environment. There training is very extensive so they are qualified divers, parachutist and land warfare specialist.

Can people not enlisted in the US Navy take the SEAL PST?

Well you can, but not for any credit for the navy seals.

Can girls be Navy SEALs?

No, women are not allowed in any jobs that fall under the "combat arms" category. That basically means any Military occupation that involves being a part of a combat team/unit. The SEALs are trained to, and work as, an elite combat group

Why can't women be SEALs?

Women cannot be any any actual combat job in the military

Is it possible to be accepted into the navy seals with an M.I. P?

Navy SEALS cannot have a criminal record or any previous charges related to drug use, weapons, violence, or sex.

What does the letters in Navy SEAL stand for?

SEAL= SEa, Air, and Land Navy SEALs are trained to operate in any of these environments

Where can i talk to someone who can change the rule that girls cant be navy seals?

The congress. They're the ones who instated the rule. It's not just the SEALs. Women are not allowed to be in any sort of combat role, except I think helicopter pilot. Women are encouraged to look into EODs (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and Divers.

Should you join the navy seals or the marines?

SEALS could rip marines apart any day of da week | The week* smartass

How much does Navy seals get paid?

Depends on their rank, and length of service. The pay is the same as any other member of the Navy performing hazardous duty.

What country has the most powerful Navy?

the us navy has the strongest navy in the world due to the fact of navy seals and more aircraft carriers than any other country in the world. and secret tech of course.

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no there arent . none in every socom game

Can you be in the navy seals while having asthma?

I am a former Navy Seal. It obviously depends on how severe the asthma is. Asthma is not a disqualifying condition for enlistment in any branch of the military.

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If they were to hit all their "targets", the game wouldn't be any fun. So my best guess is that the devs probably did this on purpose to make you have to do most of the work.

Do other countries have forces like the US's navy seals?

I dont think they do but if you look it up closey you will find out.. I was doing a worksheet about the navy seals and i could never find anything.. If you have any answers if anyone does please reply and i would be happy to see the answer. thanks (:

What dos the math look like in the navy seal?

The math used by Navy Seals looks like any other math however it is used in life or death situations. Seals must use math to calculate arrival and departure times as well as the drop on their bullets.

How many navy seals of seal team 6 went to kill bin ladin?

79 operators and 1 dog. Although this includes any extra personnel such as the Navy EOD they took with them.

Do people die trying to become navy seals?

No there are many Staff and instructors that look at you every moment and will save you upon any evolution.

What are the holidays for navy seals?

There are none, they sit on packed bags (to leave their wives at any second) and go kill Commies when the time is right.

Will women ever be able to become a navy seal?

Probably not. Although they can join Infantry/ front line units now. Women can't join SEALs or any SF unit because its thought that females can't hold the same Physical and Mental standards that men can. Also that females would be a distraction to the men.

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