Are apes smart

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Yes, apes are smart. There just like monkeys. If the were not how could the live?

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Q: Are apes smart
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Are apes as smart as humans?

i do not think apes are smarter than humans there might be some things they are

What are the ratings and certificates for Get Smart - 1965 The Apes of Rath 5-10?

Get Smart - 1965 The Apes of Rath 5-10 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

What are 5 animals that are smart?

Humans, whales, apes, seals, and probably sharks are smart.

What are the release dates for Get Smart - 1965 The Apes of Rath 5-10?

Get Smart - 1965 The Apes of Rath 5-10 was released on: USA: 28 November 1969

How are Apes so smart?

Evolution increased brain size.

Where is the proof that we evolved from apes?

Look at your hands and how smart chimps and other monkeys are.

Are apes smarter than humans?

No not technically because humans are" the smartest animals in the world" some people say but me personly think apes are smart enough tooHumans are a member of the great apes.

What do you know about apes?

They are mammals, they are not monkeys but similar. They have no tails, they are pretty smart, there are different species of apes such as gorillas, orangutan's and chimpanzees and some people believe that we evolved from apes and some people don't.

Do chimps turn into apes when they grow up?

NO smart chimps is short for chimpanzees :P

How smart is a Kea bird?

Kea are considered to be as smart as apes and camouflages so that other birds that want eat it won't try to eat it.

Are wolves more smart than other animals?

Wolves are not the smartest animals. Apes and gorillas are the smartest

What are some smart animals?

Dolphins, monkeys, apes, ravens, elephants, bees, octopuses, cuttlefish, parrots, etc.

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