Atoms and Atomic Structure

Are atoms and molecules the same?

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Molecules comprise atoms. In other words, a molecule is made up of two or more atoms. The atoms may be the same element, as in a molecule of oxygen, O2, or more than one element, as a molecule of water, H2O. In fact they are not.

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Movement of atoms or molecules in solid form?

atoms and molecules are the same.

Are atoms the same as molecules?

atoms are inside of molecules they make up the chemical composition of molecules

Do molecules have the same number of atoms?

Molecules of the same type have the same number of atoms, but beyond that a molecules can have any number of atoms ranging from 2 (ex: hydrogen gas, carbon monoxide) to billions (ex: DNA).

Are molecules the same as a atom?

No because molecules are multiple atoms

How are reactant atoms and molecules similar to their products atoms and molecules?

The numbers of atoms with the same atomic number are the same in both reactants and products in any chemical reaction.

Do atoms and molecules mean the same thing?

molecules are made of atoms and atoms have electron, neutral and i forgot what else but they are made up of the same things so technically the do mean the same thing

Can gases be atoms or molecules?

molecules are made from multiple different or same atoms so really yes they can

How are elements atoms molecules chemical bonds compounds mixtures and substances related?

Elements and atoms are mainly the same. Molecules are made up of atoms and chemical bonds are bonds that combine the atoms together to make molecules. Compounds are just about the same as molecules only are made up of molecules like how molecules are made of atoms. Substances can relate to anything, and mixtures are many compounds and molecules mixed together.

Do molecules always have the same amount of atoms?


How are atoms and molecules the same?

Molecules are made out of atoms, without atoms there are no molecules. Charged molecules (ions) will form compounds as elements do, by combining in whole-number ratios with the ions of other elements and compounds.

All atoms are not same but molecules are same what is it?

chemical and physical change.

Geometric isomers are molecules that .?

Geometric isomers are molecules that contain the same number and types of atoms, and bonds. They have different arrangements of the atoms.

How are molecules and atoms the same?

there are not the same Or they are composed of atoms. they both have protons and electrons. They both take up space.

What are molecules in which atoms are joined in the same order but differ in the arrangements of their atoms in space?


What are identical molecules?

Molecules are put together from atoms. If you have the same atoms, such as, let us say, one carbon and four hydrogen, and you put them together in the same way - in this case, with the carbon in the center and the hydrogen atoms symmetrically distributed around it - then the molecules are identical.

What are combinations of atoms?

molecules, in general. Combinations of different types of atoms are compounds, combinations of the same atoms are elemental molecules, whether in solid, liquid or gas phase.

Are molecules made up of atoms or combined elements?

Molecules are made up of atoms. These atoms can be from the same element or different elements. So in a sense, the answer to the question is both.

What is a pure stubstance?

a pure substance is that which contains same atoms or same molecules..

How are elements and molecules the same?

They are not. Element are atoms, the simplest substance you can get without altering the property of that atom. Molecules are a group of atoms that are bonded covalently.

How do molecules differ from atoms?

Molecules are made of more two or more atoms joined together. The atoms can be same or different elements. A single molecule is the smallest piece of matter.

Molecules And Atoms are the same thing True or False?


Atoms can be combined to form?

Molecules of same element or compound

What molecules are molecules formed by two or more atoms of the same element that share electrons?

Diatomic molecules. Halogens in particular.

Does aluminum have large atoms?

all atoms are generally the same size, so "large atoms" would mean molecules.

How are molecules and atoms different?

Atoms are the components of molecules.