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Yes there antibacterial. They also contain a little alcohol.

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Q: Are baby wipes antibacterial
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Are antibacterial wipes bad for you?


Does Huggies make baby wipes?

Huggies do not make baby wipes. However, the same company that makes baby wipes does in fact make some great baby wipes.

What are the benefits of hand sanitizing wipes as compared to regular tissue?

Hand sanitizing wipes typically are treated with chemicals such as rubbing alcohol. These wipes thus have an antibacterial effect, which regular tissue does not have.

Can you use baby wipes on your granite?

No but you can use Granite as baby wipes, I think.

What do Pakistan people use as baby wipes?

They are also humans so they use baby wipes they way they are used. They do not use anything else as baby wipes.

Why are baby wipes cold?

Baby wipes are cold because of the liquid present inside it. The liquid absorbs the cold temperature. Hence, Baby wipes seem to be cold.

How much do baby wipes cost per month? first baby's wipes cost around $100 a month. He was a fat baby so we needed a lot of wipes

What are a good brand of baby wipes?

I used the Térre Baby 99% pure water baby wipes for my little one. After using baby wipes my baby skin is very soft and no rashes from my baby skin. I recommend to use the Térre Baby wipes for your loved newborn babies.

Is there a material safety data sheet for equate antibacterial wipes?

Are Huggies baby wipes flushable?

No, it is not a good idea to flush Huggies Baby Wipes. sorry if this has disappointed anyone.

What are some uses for baby wipes?

wiping a baby

Will the mosquitoes lay their eggs on baby wipes?

No this does happens. Baby wipes contains some amount of chemical that kills larvae