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Are baked beans a vegetable?

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yes backed beans are a vegetable. so if you dont like vegetable's you do now because beans is one...x yes backed beans are a vegetable. so if you dont like vegetable's you do now because beans is one...x

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Is baked beans a starch or vegetable?

Beans are a protein.

Is baked beans a vegetable?

They are a pulse, like lentils and other forms of beans. Pulses are not vegetables.

What is the most popular canned vegetable?

Corn What about baked beans and peas.

Are baked beans a meat or a vegetable?

Beans are veggies..Some people put bacon on it, so the dish could be both.

How was Baked beans invented?

who invented baked beans who invented baked beans

What is in a can of baked beans?

uhm...baked beans, that's why its called a can of baked beans

What are baked beans made of?

beans that are baked

What is the Difference between baked beans and pork and beans?

Well, Baked beans are baked plain old beans and Pork and Beans is like beans with Pork in them..

What collective noun is for baked beans?

The Appropriate Collective Noun for "Baked Beans," Is a Halm Of Baked Beans

Where are baked beans grown?

Baked beans aren't grown. Baked beans are produced from a recipe of dried beans and other ingredients.

Why are baked beans bad for you?

Baked beans are not bad for you.

Are baked beans actually baked?

Sometimes they can be baked, but it depends on what type of beans you make.

What is baked beans in the food plate?

Baked beans are vegtables.

Where do you get baKED beans from?

Baked Beans come from a plant. Then they come from a tin. The tin with those beans, can be purchased in a shop. More information: Baked beans begin as beans which grow on a vine. The beans are shelled and then dried. Some are processed in factories and sold as canned baked beans. Others are packaged as dried beans, which can then be cooked into baked beans by home cooks.

Are pork and beans the same as baked beans?

No. For one thing, baked beans do not necessarily contain pork. Also, baked beans are generally sweeter than pork and beans.

Are baked beans fruit?

I have never heard of beans being fruit. they are a vegetable.ans2. The beans of which Baked Beans are made are technically fruit, as they are the seeding process derived from a flower.They are a 'dehiscent fruit' in that their pod splits open to release the seed (the beans).In common use, they are considered a vegetable (as distinct from a fruit), as are tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin and so on. This arbitrary commonplace division is hardly a scientific one, based as it is on table use. .

What is Louis' favourite vegetable?

He hates baked beans, but he likes mashed patatos, fav vegetabe (maybe)- Patato.

How many servings are in a gallon of baked beans?

Most caterers consider a 1/2 cup portion to be a 'serving' of any vegetable. There are 16 cups per gallon, so you would have 32 servings per gallon of baked beans.

How long do baked beans last once opened?

Baked beans can last in a fridge for about five days. Baked beans can last in a freezer for about a year.

What type of bean is made into a baked bean?

kidney beans ;) Sorry Tearlake - the beans used in 'baked beans' are Haricot beans

How do you write the compound word baked bean as a plural?

The compound noun 'baked beans' is an uncountable noun as a word for a substance, a type of food. The noun 'beans' is a the plural form of the noun 'bean'. One baked bean is not a meal or a serving. The compound noun 'baked beans' is a word for beans baked or simmered in a sauce.

Are baked beans a vegtable?

No, baked beans are legumes which are carbohydrates. We receive protein from beans, not much protein in vegetables.

Are baked beans allergies common?

Baked beans allergies aren't too common but if you are allergic to baked beans you would be allergic to an ingredient in it so be careful.

Is a small tin of heinz baked beans good for you?

Baked Beans are a great source of protein, following the serving size on the can Heinz Baked Beans are good for you.

Are haricot beans a vegetable?

Yes, haricot beans are a vegetable.