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NO!Not at all! Guinea pigs do NOT have the spine that hamsters have they can break there backs and possibly die.

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No guinea pigs do not enjoy roliing in balls. rscpa say it is a cruel thing

They do have testicles but are much smaller than a full grown guinea pigs.

No! Do not give guinea pigs tang!

no, guinea pigs cant have dairy.

Yes guinea pigs are great with kids.

No. They are made for humans. They are not good for guinea pigs.

no, guinea pigs cant see very well.

Yes, it is a leafy green vegetable, so it is REALLY good for guinea pigs! ^^

No, exercise wheels and exercise balls often lead to back problems in guinea pigs and should generally be avoided.

a very good and helpful website about guinea pigs is they have all types of helpful stuff for guinea pigs!

NO WAY rhubarb is poisinous to guinea pigs!!!!! DO NOT GIVE RHUBARB TO YOUR GUINEA PIG IT IS TOTALLY NOT GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so the answer is NO OK

guinea pigs love tunnels as they like to hide ! i got a little kitten tunnel for my two guinea pigs it has dangly balls one has a bell in it and the other is a pom-pom , they love it! also if you a get a ball they have to roll to get treats out is good as they would have to do that in the wild , also they love to run around and its really funny to watch as pigs shake their pigs when they run!

Did u know how guinea pigs and hamsters alike

The minimum for 2 guinea pigs is 7.5 feet.

this is a kind of guinea pig. or these are kinds of guinea pigs i am going to write about.

NO! Most guinea pigs will stand still in the ball, terrified. If a guinea pig does try to walk/run in a ball, it can easily break its back or become paralyzed because guinea pigs are not built to bend that way.

they like rolling it around with their nose

no that could only happen when its sick

Vegetables are good for your guinea pigs because theydon'tproduce there own vitamin c unlike humans. Fruit is good for your guinea pigs but not to much, because fruit is high in natural sugar and is generally a bit acidic and that does sometimes notagreewith all guinea pigs.

Yes, of course guinea pigs can eat carrots. Carrots are the favorite food of many guinea pigs and it is very good and healthy for them.

You shouldn't use balls to exercise guinea pigs. They have quite long bodies so running in one puts undo stress on their backs. Instead, use a fenced-in pen and let your guinea pig have fun running around inside it.

Where are frome in Guinea pig.and how is guinea pig memory

Guinea pigs will be able to eat asparagus but it wont be that good for them since asparagus has a good amount of water in it.

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