Bananas and Plantains

Are bananas bad for you?

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actually, eating too many bananas will cause you

to camp out on the toilet. they're mostly potassium,

fiber, and sugar, in that order

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Do frozen bananas go bad?

No, actually you can put bananas in there for smoothies because is you do put bananas in the freezer the bananas will never go bad.

Is bananas bad for tennis?

Bananas will not bounce and they get sieved through the raquet

Is it bad to refrigerate bananas?


Are bananas bad for gout?


Are bananas bad for your teeth?


Why do bananas go bad faster when refrigerated?

Because bananas grown in hot places,so refrigirating it is bad.

Why are bananas bad for dogs?

They aren't bad for dogs. They can digest them fine. But greenies are bad for dogs because they have a problem digesting them. My dog loves bananas, but don't feed them bananas on a daily basis. They can be bad for dogs if eaten too often

Are bananas bad for diabetics?

no, bananas are a good source of all kinds of minerals

Are bananas bad for horses?

bananas are okay for horses. they like bananas because they are sweet but treats designed for horses is better.

Are bananas bad for pregnant women?

No, they are healthy.

Are rotten bananas bad for you?

not if they're black. no.

Is it bad to drink milk with bananas at the morning?


Are oxidized bananas safe to eat?

the oxidized bananas will turn into brownish color and most people think the brownish bananas are bad as long as the oxidized bananas do not smelly and do not have mold on it.

Can eating too many bananas give you high potassium?

yes bananas can give you high potassium because bananas have it but to much of amount can be bad.

Do bananas make horses sick?

too many bananas are bad for horses but a few wont hurt them

Is it bad to eat 5 bananas a day?

thank you everyone.we also drink bananas smoothies as well

Why do bananas go brown?

Because they had gone bad.

How can bananas be bad for you?

its so long you could chocke on it

Are the DNA cells in bananas good or bad for you?


Is it bad luck to have bananas on a boat?

Yes, dont do it!

Is it bad to eat 6 bananas a day?

No way

Are bananas bad for dogs?

They are not BAD, but the best is just their regular dry dog food.

How are bananas bad for dogs?

They are not exacly bad for dogs, bananas are only bad for small sized dogs because they can choke if you give a banana to a small sized dog you should cut it into small peices :) bye

What colors can bananas be?

Bananas are green when not yet ripened, yellow when they are good to eat, and brown/black when they are rotting and going bad.

What fads were there in the 1900s?

There were looking at bananas and slipping on banans and eating bananas and this is a bad anwser look on a different site ok?