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Are beefs that rappers have with other rappers senseless and immature or are they valid?


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Here is a link to a great article that discusses 'beefs' between rappers:


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I don't think so eminem keeps his rap/hip hop beefs on wax.

Eminem has had beef with many people; from other rappers to bands to "haters." But some pf the most popular "beefs" he has had has been with Jay-Z, Insane Clown Pussy's, Christina Aguilara, and Chris Brown.

No. Rappers and other singers work hard.

Kurtis Blow paved the way for other rappers to be signed to major labels.

Eminem is a rapper who destroys other rappers

Most famous rappers tend to be black. It is impossible to give an exact number, as people's definitions of famous vary. However, there are more famous black rappers than famous rappers of any other race.

Sometimes yes, but on other occasions dreams can be senseless

Childish, puerile, sophomoric, infantile , juvenile. All mean immature to some degree.

Award show skits in which upcoming or sometimes veteran rappers spit a verse or freestyle over a continuous beat with other rappers.

other rappers had a problem with PAC spealing the truth .

believe on the one and acheive on the other

Travie McCoy and tyga are cousins

He's one of the best Mexican rappers, but there are several other talented Mexican rappers, so he's not the only one.

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Lil Wayne and Boosie are both well known rappers and hip hop artists. The two rappers are friends with each other.

It all depends on what rapper you listen to. Some rappers talk about how to do good with your life, and other talk about all the wrong things.

"They were suborn'd", or in other words, someone paid them to do it.

Yes, sometimes rap beef is serious, other times rappers just beef with each other just to compete, and is nothing to be taken serious.These rappers need to quit the rap beef, cause u see what rap beef did to two of the greatest rappers ever, Tupac & Biggie(Rest In Peace to both of them). If rappers have a personal problem with one another they should either talk it out or have a fair one, then end it, rap beef isn't worth people losing their lives over.

Gay rappers aren't accepted within the music industry because of the nature of rap and what it has talked about for years. The idea of a gay man rapping goes against a lot of what other rappers are saying.

DRUG BALLAD BY EMINEM Prettymuch everysong by him and other rappers

Bohemia, Aman D, Jhind, and 7 other more

no he never was, he's too raw to be like all the other rappers everything here!

Ruff Ryders is a rap group, they might also be a motorcyle club but they're not a street gang

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