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Yes. who the heck asked this question of course they are sexy

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What do people say about butts?

their sexy

Why do men like big butts and curv?

It might be because they feel that when touching women body having curve is hot and sexy.

Why do girls touch their own butts?

because its soft and sexy

When is Charlie hunnam coming to Australia?

Big butts big butts

How big are normal butts?

Normal butts are as big as they can get when you are not diagnosed as obese or it does not endanger your health.

What is it with guys and big butts does it really matter if a girl has a big one or not?

A sexy butt is definitely more attractive on first sight, but for a relationship (especially a long one) it shouldn't matter at all.

Why do Latinas have big butts?

Every race has women with big butts, flat butts, round butts, square butts, firm butts, flabby butts, etc. Women come in all shapes and sizes. i agree i love a white woman with a nice butt, its amazing

What song goes you like big butts?

How about: I like big butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Are the hamsters with big butts boys?

Yes they are.. but they are not butts lol

Why do they have big butts?

Beacuse they do things to keep butts bbuety

Why do ants have big butts?

Ants have big butts to secreate seiboob milk to feed the young ants.

What actresses wear fake butts?

their butts are too big for cameras

Is Shakira's butt big?

yes, she's black and black women have big butts "i like big butts and i cannot lie.."

Why do guys smack girls butts?

it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! and very sexy... to stop them from getting horny

Girls like guys with big butt?

Only guys like big butts and maybe butts in general.

Why are butts so big these days?

Because of Butt implants or lazy butts

Why are guys attracted to big butts?

It's there nature they like big butts because they are curvey... and we girls like tall guys they like girls with big butts.. its almost the same thing hope i helped there..

Do guys like big or little butts?


Do some penguins have big butts?

My partners and I HAVE BEEN DOING A EXPERIMENTAL project and Penguins do have big butts according to us.

Why do some people like big butts?

Some people like big butts because we are all different and have varying tastes. Liking big butts is really no different to liking small butts, or curly hair, or long legs. It's just personal taste.

What is the contribution of charlee Babbage in the history of computers?

sexy and big boobies and big ass sexy and big boobies and big ass

What is Abraham licon?

A old man who can't lie cause he likes big butts. People who like big butts can't lie.

How do you make big butts with food?


What was the explanation of the crusades?

The explanation is big butts

Can people Who like big butts lie?