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Yes. Saquatch is what Bigfoot was called by the native americans.

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Q: Are big foot and sasquatch the same?
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Is sasquatch and big foot the same thing?

Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape and Abominable Snowman are all names for the same mythical creature.

Is big foot a black bear?

someone posted the below:No, big foot is a sasquatch.Big foot is also known as a sasquatch, and some sightings could be a black bear, others faked, and others unknown.

What is a sasquash?

a Sasquatch is sort of like big foot

What do you call big foot?

Also known as Sasquatch.

What is the monkey that could be big foot?

There is no monkey that could be Sasquatch, not big enough.

What is another name for the big foot?

sasquatch(American) Yowie (Australian) thats all I know

Is big foot a yeti?

Bigfoot would fit in the category of Sasquatch. Yeti was the "Abominable Snowman".

Fancy dress starting with the letter 's'?

# Starfish # Starlet # Sasquatch (big foot) # Sailor # Scientist

Where can you get a big foot or sasquatch spare tire cover for my 1990 Isuzu trooper?

eBay and has some nice ones!

Where did the myth of big foot come from?

There is no "myth" of Bigfoot. Myths are used to explain thing, where as the Sasquatch is an unexplained phenomenon, the exact opposite of a myth.

Where was big foot first seen?

Bigfoot, or as it's often called in Canada, the Sasquatch, is mentioned in several native American legends. In fact, the term "Sasquatch" is Indian for "hairy giant." The first sighting of a Sasquatch by a white man apparently came in 1811 near what now is the town of Jasper, Alberta Canada.

Is the Sasquatch the same as Bigfoot?

yes it issasquatch means hairy man. Bigfoot is the English for the beast.

What is sasquatch?

Sasquatch is supposedly a creature that roams the woods of certain areas. There is no scientific evidence and proof that sasquatches, or big foots, exist.

Is there such a thing of Big Foot?

The Bigfoot (Sasquatch) of the Pacific Northwest is believed to be just a product of folklore. The only "physical evidence" presented for it was admitted to be a fake years ago by the person who perpetrated it.

What is a giant ape like north American mountain mythical creature called?

There are several apelike cryptids in North America:Big FootSasquatchSkunk apeDevil monkey

What are the mythical creatures in Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare?

The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse(War, Death, Pestilence, and Famine) The Chupacabra The Sasquatch (Big Foot) And The Unicorn ...I Believe that is all of them. .

Why are your feet so big?

because i am related to bigfoot aka sasquatch

What are other names for Bigfoot?

Other names for Big Foot are Momo, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Meh-Teh, Raksha, Kikomba, The Great Bear, Sasquatch, and Himalayan Beast also after some extra research in Florida, Georgia & Louisiana the legendary big foot is also known as the skunk ape!

How do you kill sasquatch?

The same way you would kill any other living creature. A gun would be the fastest but it would have to be a big gun, maybe an elephant gun.

How do you say sasquatch in Italian?


What do you call an infant sasquatch?

Bigfoot, Plural: Bigfoot, Adult Name: Sasquatch, Plural: Sasquatch

Is My big foota complete sentence?

No, Example: instead of My big foot try this My big foot is and what ever your big foot is.

Why does Big Foot have big feet?

Big Foot has big feet because he is giant.big foot is giant because he has big feet.big foot got his name because he has big feet

What is big foot number?

big foot is not real.

Does Big Foot have a family?

Big foot is not real!