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90% of Bird Species are monogamous.
Monogamy, scientifically speaking, means that a pair bond forms between two individuals, and this couple remains exclusive to one another.

There are 3 types of monogamy:

1.Sexual monogamy - mating exclusively with one individual for a given amount of time.
  • Lifetime monogamy -where the 2 birds pair up and remain together for every breeding season for the rest of their lives, in fact if one individual from the couple were to die or get killed, the partner may refuse to mate for many breeding seasons, even for life (Ex- White Albatross, certain parrots).
  • serial monogamy where a bird can be monogamous for one breeding season with a partner and then in the next breeding season be monogamous with a different partner. So that each breeding season the bird is monogamous but the partners are different (such as pigeons.)
2.Social monogamy is when a pair mates, has offspring, and both share parental investment (raise the kids) but still have outside flings - or "extra-pair copulations" (Ex- pigeons)

3.Genetic monogamy is when DNA tests can confirm that a female's offspring matches up with the DNA of only one father, although the couple may not be physically together.

Additional input from Contributors:

  • Some are, some aren't, But most are
  • Only for 1 season at a time. I am sure there are different species who are monogamous, but for the most part....seasonal.
  • Many species of birds are monogamous, Canada geese being the most predominant, as once they mate it is permanent. A park in my area has several Canada geese who have lost their mates and refuse to migrate. Some ornithologists believe the surviving bird grieves for its lost mate until its own death.
  • Many species of bird that are long-lived and slow to reproduce - for instance many swans, geese, cranes, some Birds of Prey, penguins, albatrosses - practice life-long monogamy.
  • There are examples of every type of mating system imaginable within the bird kingdom somewhere but, numerically speaking, most birds are seasonally/sequentially monogamous.
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Q: Are birds monogamous
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