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A specific pill called Dianette is used for acne. It is only obtainable on prescription.

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Q: Are birth control pills used to get rid of hormone-caused acne problems and if so how would you obtain them them - do you need a prescription or are they over-the-counter?
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How do I get birth control?

You have to get a prescription from a doctor.

Where can one buy a birth control ring?

To get a brith control ring, like the NuvaRing, you will need a prescription from your doctor. This prescription can then be filled at your local pharmacy.

What are the types of birth control that are available without a prescription?

Not all types of birth control need a prescription. Condoms, female condoms, the birth control sponge, and spermicide are among them even though their controlling effects are somehow less than ones with a prescription.

Do you need a prescription for asthma inhalers or birth control in Chile?

No you do not need a prescription for these drugs in Chile.

How long is a birth control prescription good?

One year. After that, the pharmacy won't fill the prescription.

Do birth control pills require a prescription?

Oral contraceptives are available only with a physician's prescription

Which birth control methods require a prescription?

In the US, the birth control pill, patch, ring, IUD, injection, diaphragm, and cervical cap require a prescription. Femcap, male and female condoms, the sponge, and contraceptive jelly do not require a prescription.

Can you buy the birth control patch over the counter?

The birth control patch is by prescription only in the US. Your women's health or primary care provider can set up a prescription for you.

Can they mail you free birth control?

No,you will need to have a pelvic exam and a doctors prescription for birth control.

Is there a birth control pill that you don't need a prescription for?

Not in the US

Can you get birth control pills from stores?

You can get birth control pills from any pharmacy. In the US, they require a prescription.

Are birth control pills a legend drug?

Yes, birth control pills require a prescription in the US.

Do you need prescription to buy birth control pill in Croatia?

Yes, from your gynecologist. But if it's an emergency, you can get a prescription in the ER for the day after pill

Birth control for teens?

Is normal. You have to get a doctor's prescription regardless of your age.

Can birth control terminate a pregnancy?

No, i can inhibit pregnancy if you follow the prescription.

Can birth control cause a change in your cycle?

Yes. Any prescription can.

Does the birth control pill have to be prescribed?

In the US, it's by prescription only.

Can you buy birth control pills online?

With a doctor's prescription Birth Control Pills can be legally purchased from online pharmacies.You don't have a prescription? In that case, you must visit a doctor or public health clinic.

Do you need a precription for birth control pills?

Yes you need a prescription, and you can get it from a doctor and women can get birth control pills.

Is birth control pill an over the counter drug?

Yep.No. All birth control medications require a prescription.

Do you have to take a drug test to get birth control?

Drug testing is not a normal part of getting a prescription for birth control.

Can you get your girlfriend birth control pills?

In the US, birth control pills are by prescription only, so your girlfriend must see a health care provider for a prescription. Once she has a prescription, you can pick them up for her. Contraceptive pills are offered at Planned Parenthood locations at low cost or free of charge.

How can a man get a prescription for female birth control?

Tell your doctor that you want birth control pills. Some doctors will prescribe the pills for persons seeking to under go gender reassignment surgery. That or there are several pharamacy sites online where you can order birth control legally without a prescription since the medication comes from India in these cases and a prescription is'nt required there.

Do you need a prescription for meridia?

Yes a prescription is required as Meridia is classified under the weight control category. More pertinent info can be found @

Where do you get the pills?

Birth control pills can be got at the chemists shop with a doctors prescription.