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it doesn't matter. they are both what i prefer.

ADD: I know plenty of black women who are more attracted to white men...I also know plenty of white men who find black women more attractive than white women. It's all a matter of personal taste. And from what I women taste really good.

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Q: Are black women more attracted to white men than black men?
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Are black men attracted to curvy women more then white men?

that's not the question the question is who doesn't like curvy woman

Why don't more white men date black women. Want to here from white men if they are attracted and what holds them back from pursuing a pretty or beautiful black woman?

A fear of rejection, and not being accepted their friends and family.

Who gets abused more white or black women?

Likely white women.

During slavery did white men sleep with black women?

The Black gene is more powerful than the white gene, ALSO WHITE WOMEN raped the blackmale slaves more so that the white man raping the black women ,which is spoken of less.

Why are black women attracted to white men?

I am sure they are attracted no more than the converse. I believe that the first answer is correct.

Why aren't caucasian people attracted to African Americans?

I'm a white male, and I feel more attracted to the African American women. I cannot explain it, it is just how I feel.

This is gonna sound really weird but im a black kid that cant stop liking white girls or Asian or hispanic or any other race it may be a fetish or something but how do you get over this?

This isn't weird -- lots of people prefer partners who are different from themselves. But lasting relationships are built on more than that initial impulse. If you are liking these women OVER Black women, then you should try and ask yourself why? I suppose some people just like what they aren't used to. I'm a large Black woman and I'm very attracted to my complete opposites. I tend to date slim White or Asian men. Some people are just more attracted to people who look nothing like them. But if you aren't attracted to women who resemble you at all (i.e. Black Women) then you may have a self-hatred issue, and you should find a way to love yourself more and to love your race. Maybe then you will start to find Black women as attractive as White, Asian and Hispanic women. Incidentally, this doesn't qualify as a "fetish" unless ANY non-Black person is more of a turn-on than any Black person.

Do white women like black males more?

Depends on the woman.

Do Asian women marry black men?

I don't know what you mean by "large" but Asian men do like white women more then they like Asian women. Take me for example, Im Asian and only attracted to white females. I like Thick or skinny women, if you mean fat, im not really attracted to them but i don't think their ugly either.

Why do old white men love young black women?

its not necessarily that they love white women more than black ,,,it all depends on what the man himself is attracted to they may prefer lighter complection on there women, then again there are alot of men whom prefer a darker complection in his women..there is nothing wrong with either of there prefrences everybody is different an has different tastes!

Do Black women have more abortions than white women?

Recent studies have shown that 40% of all abortions are by black women, while white women account for approximately 11% of all abortions. Hispanic women account for about 28%.

Why are white woman attracted to black guys?

It is forbidden fruit. The mores of our culture are that races shouldn't intermingle. The contrast in skin colour can be erotic for some women as it is for the black guy. There is a belief that black guys, because they are black , are good in bed. Also, there is a widely held belief that, on average, black guys have longer, thicker penises than white guys and have more stamina.