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Are blower resistors on a Pontiac Grand Prix one easily replaced and where are they located under the dash?

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They are usually attached to the evaporator's housing.

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Where is the heater fan resistors located in a Pontiac?

should be close to the blower motor is a good sized plug with 4 or 5 wires tnvrr

Where is the blower resistor located on a 97 cadillac?

Blower motor speed resistors are generally located close to the blower motor.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 2007 Chrysler pacifica?

Blower motor resistors are usually located close to the blower motor.

Where are the resisters on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

The resistors for the blower moter are located in the path of the air blown from blower motor

How many resistors are on a 1996 Chevrolet Impala blower motor?

There is only one blower motor resistor and it is located in the evaporator housing.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Resistor is located behind the blower motor assembly.

Where is the blower resistor located on a Ford F250 year 2012 please?

Blower motor speed resistors are generally mounted close by the blower motor. They rely on the blower to cool the resistor.

Where is the blower switch located on the 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

the blower switch itself is located in the instrument panel. it adjust the speed of the blower. the blower resistor, if that is what you are looking for,is located beside the blower motor under the pass. side of the dash

The blower fan on 2002 Chevy suburban is weak can it be fixed or replace?

it can be replaced but check the resistors first they are probably the cause

How do you replace a blower motor on a 1997 Bonneville?

The blower motor on a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville is located next the evaporator core. It will be mounted behind the glovebox on the passenger side of the vehicle. Remove the glovebox, mounting hardware, and sensor clips. The blower motor will be able to be replaced.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?

The blower rheostat on a 93 Pontiac Grand Am is located inside the engine bay, just to the right of the blower fan housing. It is almost directly behind the trans dipstick. It isn't that hard to replace.

How do you replace the blower motor resistor?

I do not know what vehicle you are referring to but I just replaced one on a 1996 Nissan Sentra because the only speed that was working on the blower motor was 'high'. Underneath the glove box was a couple of screws that came out and the new resistor was put in. Two screws and done......... Most blower motor resistors are located close to the blower motor.

I replaced blower motor on 2002 Pontiac grand prix was'NT working at all now only works on high speed?

blower resistor

How can you fix a heater and AC fan that only work on high?

Resistors control the speed of the AC/Heater fan. These resistors are switched on and off in various combinations to create the different fan speeds. When the resistors burn out your fan will only work on the "HI" setting. The "HI" setting doesn't use any of the resistors and that's why it works. These resistors are near the blower and the blower is beneath the dashboard on the pasenger side. Just have to located resistors now.

Where is the heater blower motor in a 1995 Pontiac transport?

The heater blower motor in a 1995 Pontiac Transport is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is on the firewall near the hood hinge.

Where is the heater blower located on a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?

Should be at the passenger side firewall

Does the front and rear blower on a 2003 Tahoe use the same resistor pack?

If it has separate blower speed controls for the front and rear, it has separate resistors. Blower speed resistors are mounted close to the blower motor it controls for cooling purposes.

92 integra blows heat but very little when you go to increase nothing happens how do you get behind the switch?

there are resistors located by blower motor. could be open. they control blower speed.

What if your blower works on high in your 2000 dodge caravan?

when a blower motor only works on high, it is usually due to faulty resistor board. Should be located in the duct near the blower. the purpose of this is so the air blown by the blower keeps the resistors cool.

Can you check the blower resistor on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

Yes you can check the resistor, or have it checked. The resistors are easy to replace (two screws). I had mine replaced several times under warranty then did it myself once or twice before determining that mice had build a nest in my blower motor which caused the resistors to blow.

I have a 1995 Pontiac grand am can you tell me where the location of heater blower is?

The heater blower motor itself is located under the hood on the passenger side of the car.

Where are the Blower Motor resistors located on a 1991 Corvette?

Usually on top of the evaporator box, right hand side of the car, near the firewall. == ==

Where is the location of the blower motor resistor on a 95 jeep Cherokee sport?

Blower motor resistors are generally found nearby the blower motor.

Where is the blower motor relay located on 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

It is located on the right fender near the cowl panel.There should be 3 or 4 relays on the bracket. the one closest to the front of the car should be for the blower.

Where is the blower motor located for a 2005 Pontiac grand prix?

in side under the dash on the passener side of the car