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Q: Are bobby pins heavier than a paper clip?
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Will a paper clip float in water?

No, it isn't hollow/light enough... Improving answer: But sometimes things don't actually "float" on the water when they are really held up by surface tesion. I have heard that you can make paper clips or pins "float" on the surface of calm water.

Generates images by pushing electricity heated pins against heat-sensitive paper?

thermal printer

How can you pick a lock with a bobby pin?

Bobby pins are for movies, handcuffs and luggage locks, and not much else. Anything above the most basic lock imaginable is bobby pin proof really. They're just not the right type of metal or the right size and shape.They're good for handcuffs and for toy boxes though.Below is a link to a video of how to use a bobby pin to open these locks. If you're trying to get into anything above that level of lock though, you're going to need a better tool.Any lock that can be opened with a bobby pin is going to work on essentially the same principal as the handcuffs trick.

How do you adjust the metal band on a Casio PAG80T-7V Titanium Watch?

The watch band can be adjusted by removing some of the links (or adding them back). It's quite easy. If you look on the backs of the links some of them have arrows; these are the only links that can be removed. Using a straightened small paper clip, push one of the pins on the band edge in the direction of the arrow. You should be able to remove it with your fingers once it gets started. Do the same thing with the pin on the other side of the link, and the pin will fall into your hand. Once you have removed the desired number of links -- you should remove them alternating each side of the clasp -- reassemble the band by lining up two links and insert the pins, also in the direction of the arrow. You should feel friction after the pin is almost all the way in. Make sure all the pins are fully seated and you're done.

Why does friction cause a magnetic force?

I just noticed that my scissors (which I use quiet often) attracts staple pins and safety pins.

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What is better a bobby pin or a clip?

It depends on the look you're going for. Bobby pins are quite invisible in your hair, but if you want to make a statement or have a cute clip that matches your outfit or mood, you should go for one. I have to admit that I have a clip addiction but since I have bobby pins I use them almost everyday. Have fun and greets from Holland! Sorry for my bad English...

What is used for storing pins or needles?

I prefer to store my needles in a smaller, separate container from my pins. I store my straight pins in a paper clip holder with a magnet in the top; this keeps the pins in the container well and the magnet aids in retrieving stray pins.

How does a person secure a hair clip on the hair?

You can secure a hair clip on the hair by ensuring that the comb part of the clip is deep in the hair. Alternatively, you can do this using bobby pins. You can view videos on how to secure hair clips at the YouTube website.

Say if you make a polymer clay thing and you dont have eye pins or anything in that sort can you use a paper clip for a substitute?

Yes you can and you can use wire I think

How is the kippah held in place?

With bobby pins.

What is round that starts with p?

Pennies, pipes, paper clip, pin, polka dots, planets, periods, push pins, pizza pan, paper plates and paint cans are round. They begin with the letter p.

How do you use bobby pins?

Bobby pins are great for thick to medium hair. They will fall right out of thin hair. You use bobby pins by just taking a piece of good sized hair and slipping in the bobby pin. The style today is to take a bit of hair from the front and to pull it back. Then you slip in the bobby pink in the middle of your hair line. :)

What is in bobby pins?

Usually made out of Metal or Plastic.

Where are bobby pins made?

it is made of a kind of metal.

How do you change the settings?

Put the jumper clip on different pins

Name something women put in their hair?

bobby pins

How do you change the jumper setting?

Put the jumper clip on different pins