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A human is a human, no matter what gender they are. Hopefully, it wouldn't matter. Unfortunately, some people think it does. For example, the average man is often paid more than the average woman.

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Q: Are boys better than girls or are girls better than boys or are they both as good?
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Do girls or boys have better memories?

it depends they both can have good memories

Who would get the better job girls or boys?

Both girls and boys get good jobs . Girls may be better at some jobs more then boys and boys may be better some jobs more then girls but what sex you are wont effect ur job . OKAY

What subjects do girls do better at than boys?

None because both boys and girls could be both good at any subject and it doesn't matter who is good at one thing and the other one is not.

Do boys bond better than girls?

There is no research that proves the question. Boys and girls both bond good whether with opposites or same sex.

Is tennis a boys or girls sport?

I think Girls are better because girls are good at everything!!!!! Tennis is a sport for both boys and girls. All people can play tennis no matter of gender.

Why do good girls go for bad boys and bad girls go for good boys?

good girls want to make themselves look better with bad boys. bad girls don't want to be taken advantage of which is why they go for good boys.

Are girls just as good as boys in sports?

yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys. Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys. Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

Sport boys or girls who is better?

Boys and Girls can be good at the same sports. Most people say that Boys are stronger so there better, but girls have the ability to be just as strong as a guy.

What are good birthday presents?

for boys girls or both???

Are girls better at English?

yes. boys are very good at pretending to be English, but girls have higher voices than boys, so they do the accent better.

Is Matilda a girls book or boys or both?

Both, it is a very good story.

Are girls outshining boys in every field?

No. Both girls and boys are good at different things! Everyone is unique and has their talents.

Mastribation for girls is gud or bad?

Masturbation is good both for girls and boys. There is no difference.

Are girls or boys better at volley ball?

both can be good. but i think girl have more potential to participate in a volleyball team or game. :)

Are girls better than boys at studying?

Boys are more likely to be found at the extremes - extremely good or extremely bad. Girls are more likely to be in the 'good' range.

Why girls are better in cooking than boys?

because they made to cook and if boys try they can get good at it but girls are good at creating stuff to eat its a girl thing because they made to cook and if boys try they can get good at it but girls are good at creating stuff to eat its a girl thing

Do Mexican boys like thin skinny girls or does it depend on the beauty?

both, but everyone is diffent, boys like good girls that are professional.

What is do it like a dude about?

Its basically saying that girls can do things just as good as boys can, and that boys arent better than girls. Jesse J i love you!

Who is stronger boys or girls?

girls have better survival skills there more athletic and flexable they can also fight and knock you out with just a purse boys are a little flexable they good at survival to but they can fight but there to muscle tight so girls are stronger

Are girls or boys better at MySpace Mafia Wars?

It really isn't a skill based game so boys and girls are equally as good at Mafia Wars.

Do boys do better than girls at basketball?

No ... boys and girls are equal when it comes to basketball. Boys may be a little taller and a little stronger but that doesn't mean that a boy is a better basketball player. Becoming good at something is based on how much you practice and how hard you try. And when it comes to that, girls and boys are equal.

What do bad boys and girls get for Christmas in Sweden?

the bad boys and girls get nothing good boys and girls do.

What are good names for Yorkshire terriers?

For Girls - Rosie, Lily, Cookie, Suzy, Trixie. For Boys - Max, Rover, Cookie (Could Be For Both Boys And Girls).

Do girls like good guys or bad?

good girls like good boys and bad girls like bad boys

Is little Manhattan a good movie for both girls and boys?

YES!!! It is my fave movie!!!