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Yes. I am the mom of two boys and I can tell you, going through the teen years is just as hard on boys as it is on girls. Be confident in who you are, and others around you will see that confidence and want what you've got. Then you will have a chance to help someone else. The above answer is true if you are referring only to teen boys. However, speaking as a 31 year old man with an unbelievably (and unjustifiably) insecure girlfriend, as boys get older, they are not nearly as insecure as girls.

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โˆ™ 2007-04-17 21:58:31
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Q: Are boys really as insecure as girls?
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How come REALLY insecure girls get boyfriends?

MY opinion of why they get boyfriends is because they dont put themselves out there like the non insecure girls do.

Why do some boys hate females?

There are many reasons why some boys seem to hate girls. They may have been brought up in an environment where girls are not valued. In that case the hatred can last a lifetime and be passed on to male children. Some boys act like they hate girls but they are really only insecure around them because boys mature later than girls and are not as comfortable in social situations. Boys brought up in a "jock" atmosphere have little use for girls.

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because they think there s*** and they think that us girls have no feelings or emotions-reesey

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Why do most teen girls have a low self-esteem?

Lots of answers. For one, they are going through puburty, and part of its their hormones. another, your body is changing when you are a teen and teen girls could feel insecure about how their body is changing. also, boys are coming into their lives.and they might want to lok good for boys but boys might be making them feel insecure. Hope that helped.

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Why is it that boys seem shy around girls and girls seem shy around boys?

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Do middle school boys really like making girls cry?

Being in middle school, I know that some of the boys are very insecure. They often feel that the females are taking over, which the kind of are because sometimes most of the teachers are female like in our school. Therefore, because boys are the more competitive gender, feel that they need to make others look beneath them. by making girls cry, they make the girls look weaker and the guys look stronger. I happen to know many boys that would never do that, but the reason I understand this that well is that the foolish, insecure boys have told my nicer friends about why they do such things. That gives me a rather good understanding of how some boys think.

Why do boys want to apologise to girls but are too shy?

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What is the diference between girls and boys?

Girls feel more emotion towards sesitive subjects such as relationships, wheras boys hide there emotions under (during their teen years) pervertive jokes or something like that. Even though they hide it, they can be just as insecure as girls can be

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