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No, canned bake beans are made with beans. Soy is also made from beans, but a different type.

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Q: Are canned bake beans made from soy products?
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White beans and rice?

White beans and rice is a signature Cajun or Creole dish. It can be made entirely from scratch, or you could use canned beans.

What were the foods that john wesley Powell bring on the expedition that he made?

canned food and beans or rice

Are baked beans cooked before they are canned or when in the can?

Baked beans are made and baked before they are put into a tin. They are then put into a tin and sold to people to cook either in the microwave or on the top of the cooker, (hobs). Beans are then ate and are made into very smelly gas!!!

Is black beans gluten free?

Yes, normally whole black beans are gluten free. Gluten is a set of proteins in wheat, rye and barley and in the products made from them. Products made from black beans with other ingredients may contain gluten.

What is made or produced in Camden NJ?

Canned soups and related products are manufactured there by Campbell Soup Company.

Can you freeze chicken and noodles?

yes! I just made a chicken/cheese casserole (with canned soup) and bake it about half-way and then froze it and it turned out fine!

Major products made in Costa Rica?

The products made in Costa Rica are coffee, bananas, sugar, corn, rice, beans, potatoes, beef, and timber.

How do you bake sweet potatoes pies?

same way you would make a pumpkin pie, you can even buy and already made pie crust and canned sweet potatoes, smash them up add some cinnamon nutmeg and cloves and bake!

Products made in pennsylvania?

K'NEX fun construction sets, Pyrex bake ware, and Marshmallow Easter Peeps are some products made in Pennsylvania. Crayola, Holgate toys, Zippo lighters, Yeungling beer, and Tastykake are other products made in Pennsylvania.

Is jello no bake cheesecake vegan?

One of the ingredients of Jello No-Bake Cheesecake is Baker's Cheese (which is made from milk).Some strict Vegans avoid all animal products, therefore it is not vegan.

How many large cans of green beans to feed 150 people?

3 should do it. For the last 2 years I have made the green beans for the church Thanksgiving dinner. We feed 300 and I made fresh and canned bean casseroles. I used 8 pounds of fresh beans and 2 cans, so 3 cans should be plenty for you.

My child made a figurine out of clay and I'm wondering if I decide not to bake it, will it go bad?

If the "clay" is dough made from food stuffs (flour, etc), yes, it could go bad, and you should bake it. Modeling clay that is not made from food products, however, should be fine.

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