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If it is a brand new car yes, Used cars no unless it has a limited warranty.

In some states a licensed used car dealer is require by law to provide a very limited 30 day warranty. In most states if the car is sold. "As Is" then there is no warranty at all.

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Q: Are car dealers responsible for a car that you bought for the first 30 days?
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Is the dealer responsible for used car repairs in the first few days after the sale?

unless you have a written and signed warranty, used cars are sold AS IS and there is no expressed warranty on a used vehicle

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Can a dealership be held responsible when they sold you a car that broke down within 24 hours?

Most dealers warranty their used for cars for a minimum of thirty days. In some cases though cars are sold "as is" with no express or implied warranty. If you purchased a car that has major mechanical problems, most dealers want to keep you happy for potential future business and should honor a repair request. However, depending on what state you're in and the local laws, they may not be required to do so legally.

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