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Yes, carrots are great for your horse. They improve your horse's eye sight. Carrots are also good for the human eye too!


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raddish HORSE RADDISH! *JOKE*carrots and horse feedAnswer: Apples, Brewer yeast, Carrots, Parsley, Peppermint, Hay, Pasture.

Feeding a horse too many carrots will only make the horse fat because of its natural sugar content. Carrots are good for horses and as long as they aren't rotten, are very nutritious for the animal.

No, carrots will not kill worms in a horse.

Yes. Too many carrots (or any rich food, like fresh grass or grain) can cause a horse to founder or colic. Not good.

carrots-horse brocolli-guinea pig

No. Carrots are not the main food for a horse, grain and especially hay are. Carrtos are just an extra little treat. Your horse will starve if he has no hay, just carrots, or he may founder.

Carrots, Apples, Horse Crunchies ect....

No, corn isn't good for your horse. and your horse needs succulents like grass, carrots, apples and all those sorts of stuff! :)

It really depends on a horse or ponies weight and size. Ask a vet for a good number. (believe me I have own a horse farm that breeds rocky mountain horses)

Carrots are good for you, your dog . . . AND your horses!

Yes, raw carrots are good.

apples carrots seude hay horse treats

Put your horse in an equestrian center with carrots. To check if the center has carrots, go to the center's page. To get carrots in your equestrian center, you must grow them in a meadow.

Typically a horse should get no more than a half to one whole carrot a day. Any more than this can cause digestive upset in the horse.

Depends on the horse... I know my horse really like M&M's lol even though theyre probably not that good for him... but usually carrots and apples are a good one... or gingersnaps :]

i would feed it carrots apples or horse treats

I have a horse of my own named Mr.Finchly and he loves carrots so i asked my vet how many I should feed him. (mr.finch is 1500 pounds) and my vet said about 4 or 5 carrots would be plenty

Yes carrots are a good vegetable to give hamsters.

No. Carrots are good for you, but not as a significant protein source.

Yyes, a horse is a herbivore it eats hay, grass, oats, carrots, etc.

you can feed a horse hay, carrots ,apples and you need to feed the horse at less two times a day

If you mean, What foods do horses like, then they like: Hay, Wheat, Straw, etc. And for good treats they like: Carrots, Apples, and Sugar Cubes, which carrots and apples can also be apart of the diet.

you would get sat on and eat carrots

Grains/oats and carrots.

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