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Are cash settlements typical for a minor car accident with no injuries?

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Sometimes these cash settlements are used to avoid insurance premiums being raised because of submitting a claim. But that defeats the reasons why we have insurance int he first place. In lots of cases, a minor dent (in the more recent cars) can cause thousands of dollars of repair just in labor alone - most people I know, including myself, cannot fork out that kind of cash at once - I would submit the claim to insurance, and even if my rates went up, it certainly would not equal what was being paid out for a claim.

Many times, even the gentlest "bump" can cause a tremendous amount of damage to other components in cars these days ... problems that may not creep up for up to a year, but will have been directly caused by that innocent "bump" that you got $5 for from the other party. Force the claim to be filed ... if there is other related damage farther down the road in time, you'll still be covered and won't have to worry about contacting (again) the person who hit you in the first place ... they may deny that they have even met you or had an accident - then you are out the money from your own pocket and have to get the repairs done yourself. Always, file an insurance claim, no matter how little damage is showing - and always call the police and have a report filed.

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Is Tiger Woods dead from auto accident?

He was involved in an early morning, single car accident. He did not die, he only had minor injuries.

Can someone with liability only on a company vehicle involved in a minor accident driving to their home file a claim?

What would you file a claim for? The vehicle is not yours and it's a minor accident with no injuries, so you have no loss.

Can I sue for personal injury if my injuries are major?

It is not whether the injuries are major that determines whether or not you can sue. You can sue only if the injuries were caused by the negligence of another person. If negligence occurred , you can sue even if the injuries were minor, although your recovery in damages would be as minor as your injuries. If this is an auto accident matter, some states have laws that state that you cannot sue unless you do have major injuries even if there were no negligence. Check the laws of the state the accident occurred in to get proper information.

Are minor children entitled to compensation in an accident?

"are my minor children entitled to compensation for being passengers in an accident that was not my fault. ? they were bruised up. no major injuries." Certainly they are entitled to compensation if they were injured. The amount would depend on the severity of the injuries and if they received any medical treatment. If you are in an auto accident and have any injuries at all always go immediately to the emergency room. If you do not the insurance comapny will try to say you were not injured. lwpat

What are those sufffering an accident called?

A victim is someone that has suffered from an accident. Whether the injuries were serious or minor, the person that did not cause the accident is often entitled to damages and funds for pain and suffering.

What is typical amount for auto accident settlement with minor injury?

The amount typical is commensurate to the actual damages and accompanying losses incurred by the claimant.

What is minor accident?

A fender bender is a minor accident.

Is a minor hit and run no damage no injuries a felony?

It depends largely on where the accident happened. However, in most US states it is only a felony if there was injuries or serious damage to property, otherwise it is a misdemeanor.

A common method of treating minor sports injuries is the?

A common method of treating minor sports injuries is the what principle?

Difference between major and minor injuries?

Major injuries are serious injuries such as a broken bone or a serious head injury. Minor injuries are one that are not big in nature, such as a bruise or small cut.

Are all injuries emergencies?

No. Some injuries are simply minor ones.

What injuries can sport cause?

Sports can cause alot of injuries form minor injuries to career ending injuries to Lfe threating injuries

What type of tissue fully repair itself?

All types of tissues can repair minor injuries, usually, as long as they are minor injuries.

How bad did Bobby Brantley get hurt in car wreck on Lizard Lick Towing?

He has posted on Facebook since the accident. The extent of his injuries are not known, but they appear to have been minor.

How long after a minor accident does the other party have to claim before?

You have 1 Year after a minor accident to have a claim

What would be an average Settlement for drunk driving accident with minor injuries?

Some people thing an accident is a windfall, however this is rare. Usually-- The damage to the car+ The cost for adjudication+ The cost for lost work and time+ The medical costs (assuming no permanent injuries)+ Pain and suffering+ Add it up see if you can collect.

What is the average settlement amount for minor car accident in Ohio?

Settlements can vary widely, even the most minor-looking of accidents can result in a big settlement. Generally the goal is to fairly compensate a victim for the damages caused to the vehicle and the overall health of the victim(s).

Can a guardian be sued for injuries caused by minor?


What is the average settlement for a slip and fall accident?

Slip and Fall cases, entail accidents that take place due to negligent maintenance and hazardous circumstances upon property owned by someone other than the accident victim. Owners of the property and business establishments have a duty to provide a safe environment for people on their premises. Common situations giving rise to premises accidents include uneven floor surfaces, poorly marked changes in elevation, slippery surfaces, broken sidewalks, uneven elevators and broken steps. The first thing to do is determine the extent of any physical harm sustained in the accident and, if necessary, seek emergency medical treatment. Added: To answer your actual question, no statistics are kept on average settlements in tort cases, and it is therefore unknown. Typically, settlements on personal injury cases for minor injuries are for approximately the amount of medical expenses incurred. The settlements for major injuries sometimes also include additional damages to compensate the injured for substantial loss of work/disability, but life changing injuries are rarely sustained in "slip and fall" actions.

What are the injuries people get in a tornado?

Injuries vary widley. Minor injuries may include minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. More serious cases may involve severe lacerations, concussions, and broken bones, blunt truama, crushing injuries, and objects penetrating the body.

What is a pronoun for accident?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'accident' is it.Example: The accident was minor. It only scratched my bumper.

Can you be sued for an accident you were in as a minor now that you are an adult?

an accident is an accident. If you were still a minor they would go for your parents most likely. Your an adult now and now have more responsibility so yes they can sue you.

What injuries would you get if a maypole hit you?

Minor, serious, or fatal.

What if you are a licensed minor driving your parents uninsured car and get into an accident where you were at fault should the judgment be placed on the minor or the parents?

You should get in trouble because you caused the accident.

What kind of injuries aren't fatal?

Generally those that are considered 'minor' ones. A cut finger, a sprained ankle, etc. Though it should be noted that even minor injuries can be fatal if not treated.

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