Are ceiling fans more cost effective and efficient than portable box pedestal room fans?

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I bought a ceiling fan for my front room for $80 (live in Canada) and that old girl has been going for over 10 years! I wouldn't be without one. Go for the ceiling fan as heat rises and it really circulates the air. Also being as cheap as they are you could have one in almost any room you choose to have one in. Ceiling fans are much quieter than a floor or oscillating fan.

Have you heard of Vornado fans? They circulate the air nicely in the whole room and there's no cost for installation in the ceiling. Both costs are comparable, minus installation cost of ceiling fans.

You can also find programmable ceiling fans that will automatically move air with a certain temperature. Remember you can switch the air to downward (winter) and upward (summer) to bring the temperatures to where you want them.
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Is there a fire hazard in leaving the electric fans on during the day when nobody is home and are ceiling fans or free standing fans more dangerous?

Answer . The 'FIRE HAZARD' is the SAME as that of leaving any other appliance unattended. Besides the obvious waste of electricity and the extra wear and tear on the equipment, there should be some valid reason for doing it. Remember, that a running fan uses power and this generated heat. If you ( Full Answer )

Is using ceiling fans and the air conditioner at the same time cost efficient or a waste of energy?

Unless you are using an electronic air filter that requires a continuous stream of air, you're better off setting your unit's fan on "auto" and using ceiling fans in occupied rooms. Regards, Be-Cool Expert Ceiling fans are definitely not a waste of energy. Ceiling fans use very littl ( Full Answer )

Are there more Soccer fans than Nascar fans?

Definitely yes, I don't have the figures but outside of the US Nascar is not well known, whereas Soccer/football is extremely well known and watched.

How do you know if an outlet box can support a ceiling fan?

Most light boxes are not rated to support a ceiling fan. If you look at the box you should be able to see some marking on it telling you that it is rated for ceiling fans. Another way to tell is to look at the size of the screws that are used to mount the fixture to the box. In ceiling fan boxes the ( Full Answer )

Can a ceiling fan be installed without an outlet box?

No, a home ceiling fan as with all permanent devices joined intothe electrical system, the splice must be made in a junction box.The exemptions are electric baseboard heaters and appliances thatare hard wired directly to the unit.

Do ceiling fans help keep rooms cooler?

No- but they make you FEEL cooler. Moving air will tend to evaporate mositure, and remove heat. But they do not lower the temperature in the room on their own- the motor actually INCREASES the room temperature a small amount. They CAN draw cooler air UP from the floor.

Should ceiling fans be used when you're not in the room?

Unless you have something in place that could be damaged by the fan blades, or simply want to conserve energy, as long as it has been installed securely, it's generally safe to leave a room with the ceiling fan still running.

Does a ceiling fan cool the room Or does it just create the illusion of cooling by moving the air?

ceiling fans only push the air around them, they have no cooling fuctionality.\n. \nCeiling fans don't have any way of cooling the air they circulate, but that is also true of fans placed on work desks or floor stands. However the human body feels more comfortable if the skin feels cool, and fans h ( Full Answer )

Does Counter clockwise on a ceiling fan push heat back into the room?

[1] It depends upon whether the fan's standard, or not. [2] Standard refers to how most fans are made. And most are made so that counterclockwise is what's needed for summer cooling, clockwise for winter heating. Non-standard's the opposite. [3] How to tell the difference? Check to see which way the ( Full Answer )

Ceiling fan on a 9 ft ceiling?

A ceiling fan is very effective on a 9 ft ceiling because it iscapable of circulating warm and cool air. It can help considerablewith heating and cooling costs.

What is the difference in fan length on ceiling fans?

Generally speaking, fan blade length corresponds to air dispersal. In other words, the bigger the blades, the more air is moved by the fan's operation. Larger rooms shold look at fans with larger blades, and smaller rooms should look at fans with smaller blades.

How the pedestal electric fan working?

1. Insert the\npower plug into a 110 or 220 voltage ac power outlet. \n\n 2. Switch Control: To turn on the fan, simply push any of the speed\ncontrol buttons: 3=High speed; 2=Middle Speed; To turn it Off, push the “O”\nbutton. \n\n 3. Tilting Adjustment : Always switch the fan ( Full Answer )

How do you change the fan direction on a ceiling fan?

There should be a small slide switch on the fan. Turn it off and let it stop then move the slide switch then restart it and it should go in the other direction. If you are smart enough to ask a question on you should be smart enough to change the direction of a ceiling fan!

How do I convert a recessed box light fixture to a ceiling fan fixture?

The critical thing here is that the ceiling box be supported in the ceiling or attic to hold the weight of the fan. Ceiling fan boxes with supports built in to them are available at any hardware store.. Chances are your original light only has a two conductor (with ground) wire going to it. This me ( Full Answer )

How do you install a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling?

well im not quite sure, but i think you get a fan ceiling first, and then you have to make a hole in the ceiling to get the fan from hanging down. then you... i dont know call a ceiling expert :)

How do you determine what size ceiling fan for a room 14'x15'?

A 36" fan should be adequate. Mount it at least a foot from the ceiling (18" is better) and run it reversed, to draw the cool air up from the floor and spread it around the room. That will also reduce drafts and dust.

Does demi have more fans than miley?

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Does a ceiling fan take the moisture out of a room in the winter?

No, the ceiling fan will not get the air temperature cold enough to condense the moisture in the air from a gas to a liquid. The only thing that takes the moisture out of air in the room is a dehumidifier. The second choice is an exhaust fan vented to the out side of the building. With an exhaust fa ( Full Answer )

What fan is good ceiling fan or table fan?

Roof fans circle air starting from the ceiling into your space to assist it with feeling cooler in summer. Table fans likewise flow air, yet rather than pushing it down, they move it outward. Furthermore, table fans can be situated close windows to draw in all the more natural air. Both sorts of fan ( Full Answer )

Which is better- 42 in ceiling fan or 52 in ceiling fan?

Well, for smaller rooms such as bedrooms usually the 42 inch is better for those rooms, usually larger rooms such as great rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, the best choice is the 52 inch.

Why three winged ceiling fan is faster than a four winged ceiling fan?

Surface area of the fan blades determine the work involved. A fan with a 36 inch diameter having four blades has more surface area so must work harder than a fan of the same diameter having only three blades. More work on the same amount of energy supplied will be slower. If the surface of the addit ( Full Answer )

Are there more giants fans than jets fans?

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Do ceiling fans reduce room temperature?

It does not actually reduce the room temperature. It makes the room feel cooler by convection. the cooler air blows past your skin, cooling it by evaporation.

Is a black ceiling fan more becoming then a white ceiling fan?

There is no actual real significant difference, besides the color. A black ceiling fan works the exact same as a white ceiling fan. Of course, the brand of the fan might make a difference, though the color of the fan will not.

What is the average cost of a ceiling fan?

Most ceiling fans are around $150-$250 and are usually used to help still up a room in the house to increase it's overall value. Make you know how to install it and add additional costs for a pro if it's necessary.

How is running ceiling fans instead using your air conditioner more efficient?

Since ceiling fans are much more simple than air conditioners, they require a lot less energy to run, meaning they cost a lot less. During the spring and early fall when the weather is still fairly warm, you can use your ceiling fans instead of using your air conditioner. The key is that you use ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of portable fans?

Portable fans have many benefits, they are easy totable and can often fit in a suitcase. If you are traveling to very hot areas a portable fan would be a great solution.

Why ceiling fan in class rooms does not rotates on single phase supply?

Most ceiling fans are single phase. There are a number of possibilities that can easily be determined by an electrician. . The breaker is tripped (Easy to check) . The switch is bad (This could be a normal on/off switch or a special fan control switch that sends commands to a control unit inside f ( Full Answer )

Which is better 42 in ceiling fan or 52 in ceiling fan?

Well, like most things in life, the answer is "it depends". The biggest determining factor is the size of the space being cooled and the conditions that you're using the fan in. There's a rough guide on the site that lists size of guidelines of ceiling fans and rooms: . About 50 ( Full Answer )

What are ways to make a ceiling fan more quieter?

Inspect it carefully, in fine detail. Make sure that all mating parts are tightly joined, and there are no loose screws. Then make sure that it is perfectly centered, and that the prop blades are not higher on one side than they are when they reach the other side. The center axis of the fan sh ( Full Answer )

How much is the cost for installation of a ceiling fan?

The price of installing a ceiling fan depends on several factors, including the amount of work that needs to be done to wire and power the fan. Labor costs vary but could averge a couple hundred dollars, on top of the price of the fan and other parts.

What is the cost of dismantling a ceiling fan?

If you mean to take the ceiling fan down from the ceiling it will depend on how high the fan is. The higher the fan, the more expense due to scaffolding or long ladders. If it can be done off of a step ladder, the actual time, it can be done in a half an hour. There might be a charge out call to get ( Full Answer )

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