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Are charter schools in Michigan controlled by the state of Michigan?

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Public schools are payed for by the state, Charters schools are paid by state and another source. I went to both a public high and a charter school. The charter school was paid for by the state and by a church I had to pay for half the school day if I wanted to go.

how many high schools are in the state of Michigan

You can get business certification in several schools in Michigan. Some of the schools include Central Michigan, University of Michigan, and Wayne State.

They are both state schools supported by Michigan. Both provide a quality education.

Charter schools have the same 'guidelines' as a public school but are usually a little more elite and they have higher expectations than most schools. The children of charter schools normally score high on testing that is mandated by every state.

In general, teachers in charter schools make more than the state average. That average varies greatly from state to state.

I guess you're looking for radiology schools in Michigan? Here's two different listings. The first is a list of some of the main radiology schools in Michigan, and the second is a list of all of the schools by state. Good Luck!Michigan Radiology Schools: Radiology Schools:

Michigan State University is a Morrell Land Grant College and is a public institution. Schools with the word STATE in their name are going to be public schools.

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan state, minnesota, northwestern, Ohio state, penn state, purdue and Wisconsin

greyford college and Michigan state univeresty

University of Michigan, University of Detroit Dental School, Ferris State

There are several veterinary schools that are accredited. One of the schools are Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges or the AAVMC. Other ones are Louisiana State or Michigan state.

There are occupational therapy degree programs at Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Saginaw Valley State University and Grand Valley State University.

Many states have online elementary and high schools for students who are residents in that state. These online schools include schools run by the state, charter schools and private schools. This website has a list of online K-12 schools by state:

If you are refering to collegiate-level teams, there are many. But two of the most prominant are the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans.

Albion College offers Geoligy courses in Michigan. You can also try such schools as University of Michigan and Wayne State University.

Charter schools are public schools. Traditional public schools cover standard curriculum and educational practices. Charter schools typically specialize in one form of instructional theory, curriculum, or other educational practice. Charter school attendance is limited to size (where public school attendance is not so much so limited), so once that limit is reached, some students may be added to a waiting list. Some people have the impression that charter schools are private schools. Not so. The "charter" in the name refers to the private or public institution that sponsors the school. In most states, it is necessary for that sponsorship to be "chartered" through an approved state university.

Charter schools are independent PUBLIC schools. They are TUITION-FREE and open to all students. In Minnesota, the home of the charter school movement, charter schools must be approved to operate by the state department of education and are part of the state system of public education. Each charter school is legally like a small public school district. Charter schools are FOR PROFIT and are governed by a board of directors elected from among teachers, parents and interested community members. They are not privately "owned" and do generate a profit for investors more than any other public school district. Some charter school boards hire for-profit companies to perform management functions just as they hire for-profit companies to provide other operational services. Teachers in Minnesota charter schools must meet the same licensing requirements as all other public school teachers, although the value of this is dubious, and this is not a requirement in all states. As with all public schools, charter schools are primarily funded with public monies (tax dollars), however, almost uniformly across the country they receive less money per student (sometimes significantly less) than district schools. Charter schools are allowed some freedoms that district schools are not, and in return they are held to a higher standard of academic and financial accountability. Unlike district schools, under-performing or financially insolvent charter schools can be dissolved almost immediately. Charter schools offer programs, curricula, pedagogies, schedules and services that traditional district schools choose not to provide. Their only goal is to improve the academic performance of their students, along with generating profit for their investors.

Baker College in Michigan. Central Michigan University. University of Michigan. Southern Illinois University. Grand Valley State University. Ferris State University.

Michigan state is one of the many great colleges in Michigan. You can look up some of the highest ranked schools in Michigan in your local library. Great choice.

No. The University of Michigan is a school located in Ann Arbor that has sports teams nicknamed the "Wolverines." Michigan State University is a school located in East Lansing that has sports teams nicknamed the "Spartans." They are both Big Ten schools, and are the two largest universities in the state of Michigan.

Michigan State is the short version for Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. The State of Michigan is referring to the whole state of Michigan.

Northern MIchigan and Ferris State both offer X-Ray degrees. These are located in Northern Michigan.

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