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Yes if the father or the mother is not helping take care of the child then you can put that parent on child support.

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2005-10-31 16:46:24
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Q: Are children entitled to child support if the parents have not filed for divorce?
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What is the concept of divorce care about?

Divorce Care is a support group for people who are divorced or going through a divorce. They also have resources for children of divorced parents. Support is offered locally as well as online.

Can a mother get child support when the father lives in the home but does not support the child?

Not usually. Only the children whose parents are not living together are entitled to support from their fathers by way of the law.

Does divorce have any effect on children?

Divorce is an intensely stressful experience for all children, regardless of age or developmental level; many children are inadequately prepared for the impending divorce by their parents. A study in 1980 found that less than 10% of children had support from adults other than relatives during the acute phase of the divorce.

Should parents support their children or not?

Yes of course, parents are only person that can support their own children but if their children is have a work they can survive even there's no support from their parents.

Am going through a divorce but am separated are you legally able to get support from him till the divorce?

Of course, especially with children involved, your lawyer or legal aid person should be able to clarify this for you, you are entitled to whatever the law in your region allows.

What is the child support guide line?

The child support guide lines are quite strict and all will have to follow them , as you see the children are taken into thought when a divorce is filed by the parents.

What is a stay at home mom entitled to in a divorce?

An equitable division of the assets and debts. Depending on the circumstances, she may be entitled to child support and/or alimony.

Can a child divorce father without permission while he is paying child support?

Divorce is something that happens between spouses, not between parents and children. A child's refusal to see the father does not affect the father's child support obligation.

Do children going through a divorce need support and reassurance from their parents?

Yes, children need all the positive support they can get regarding a divorce between parents. Children only know one thing ... mom and dad and have no idea what the problems are between the parents. Children often believe it was their fault the parents are splitting up and feel if they had behaved better or hadn't done so many things wrong their parents would not be divorcing or already divorce. It is extremely important the divorced parents act like the mature adults they should be for the sake of the children and by putting each other down it tears the children between their parents often causing depression; eating disorders; gastrointestinal problems and a drop in their grades at school. Mom and dad should at least shake hands and be friends when dealing with the children. If they are angry then they should discuss it between themselves and away from the children.

How much child support will I get for 4 children in divorce?

Will you have custody or not?

Can a parent refuse child support?

The parents should get the court's permission in this situation. This is because, legally speaking, a child is entitled to the support of both parents.

If you marry and take joint custody of children of your wife will you be required to pay child support in the case of a later divorce?

Unless you adopted your wife's children, you should not be required to support them after the divorce.

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