Are cigarettes and alcohol considered to be drugs?

The active ingredient in cigarette smoke is Nicotine. It is classified as a toxin, more than as a drug. It used to be used to dust tomato plants, to keep the Aphids from eating your tomatoes. It kills ALL insects by shorting out their Central Nervous System. Yes, Alcohol is a drug. It is also a solvent. Most types of Alcohol are extremely poisonous, and can even be lethal if consumed in large quantities. The alcohol that is in booze is Ethanol, which also is a solvent. But, in small doses is LESS LETHAL than most of the other types of Alcohol. It is also THE most destructive drug on the human body. Methamphetamine comes in 2nd to Ethanol. I want to stress that even though these 2 substances are legal, they can still be lethal.