Animal Rights and Abuse

Are circus animals abused?

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They are abused and 2 millions of animals die each year of this.

The trainers take the wild cats teeth out, take of their claws

elephants get hooked with a sharp bull hook

because of this they develop abnormal behaviour

swaying,pacing up and down in their cramped up cages,confusion

to killing themselves.

The majority of circuses take great care of their animals. Circuses are inspected regularly by the USDA so there is no way they could hide animal abuse.<---- No they can not but are you sure that the USDA thinks that's abuse in circus life?

I went to a circus and they treat them horribly by making them do handstands. NEVER GO TO A CIRCUS JUST BELIEVE ME IT IS TRUE i am VERY upset.=[

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Were animals abused when Circus Circus in Las Vegas originally opened?


Do circus animals get abused mentally and physically?


What percentage of animals are abused in the circus?

All of them. Circus animals are forced by cruel means into doing things that are not natural for them to do.

How are animals treated in the circus?

The animals in the circus are treated horribly. most of them are abused and beatan daiy. i think that circus's shouldn't have animals because people are mean to them :'(

String used to control animals in circus?

srrings are not used in the circus, whips yes(to create a movement and soung to coax animals around the ring)but i have never heard of srtings being used(circus animals ARE NOT abused) every year thousands of circus animals are abused and humiliated, the truth of the matter is that they are not given a chance to live, those who support circuses by attended those shows with animals are supporters of cruel and unusual torture

Where are animals abused at?

animals get abused everywhere

How long have animals been in the circus and how did they get there?

animals have always been in the circus

How do circus animals travel?

Circus animals travel in tiny cages.

When was Circus Animals created?

Circus Animals was created in 1981-09.

What are animals in a circus called?

Circus animals and the person showing them what to do is the conductor

How many animals are abused in the circus?

Most of them are. Tigers and lions are beat with iron and electric whips. Sharp hooks are inserted in elephants foot ect...

How many animals get abused each year?

Nearly a million animals get abused each year are abused.

How many pets are abused everyday?

200 animals get abused a day. 73,000 animals get abused a year.

How many out of ten animals are abused?

7/10 animals are abused

Should the keeping of animals in circuses be banned?

yes we cause the animals are tortured.and whiped and things like that. all facts. ~Heather.

What animals are in the circus?

any circus aminals would be in the circus maximus

How often do animals get abused?

many animals get abused every day that is why you have to stop abusing animals

How many animals are abused a year?

there are 5.7 trillion animals abused a year

How many animals get abused?

almost over a thousand animals that are getting abused

What animals are used in the circus?

Some animals used in the circus are; Bears, lions, and tigers.

When was The Circus Animals' Desertion created?

The Circus Animals' Desertion was created in 1939.

How many animals are abused in the us?

There are at least 75 out of 100 animals abused in the USA

How many circus ban animals?

The Brenna and Maddie circus bans animals that aren't worms

What animals can be found at a circus?

Some animals that can be found at a circus are tigers, bears, lions, elephants, walruses, birds, dogs, and monkeys. These are the most common animals you can find at a circus.

Why should circus animals be in a circus?

they should because they get fed