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Well you can find biodegradable ones online if you search on Google. Most coffee filters are paper. They are light paper, so they will biodegrade.

In fact, using biodegradable filters (or filter paper) removes a substance called cafestol, a cholesterol-elevating substance. You can read more on the link below.

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2013-09-05 03:23:08
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Q: Are coffee filters biodegradable
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You can recycle the coffee cups as long as they are paper and not Styrofoam. Paper is biodegradable as were Styrofoam is not. So go for it. You can also buy recycled coffee filters.

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The tobacco and paper in cigarettes are biodegradable, but the filters present in most cigarettes are not. Filters represent a significant percentage of street litter.

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Ive found that the best coffee make filters that give you the most amount of filters are acctually the brand that goes with your brand of coffee maker . Try not to buy the cheapy brand which tends to make the coffee alot less stronger .

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