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Yes often they can be.

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Q: Are cold sores contagious when they are not visible?
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Are cold sores the same thing as canker sores?

Cold sores are not the same thing as canker sores. Canker sores are not contagious; cold sores are contagious.

Are cold sores that are scabbed contagious?

Cold sores that are scabbed are still contagious.

Are cold sores contagious?

Cold sores are contagious.Oral herpes is contagious.yeh eial donnerfied has itFever blisters are contagious.

Are cold sores contagoues?

Cold sores are very contagious.

How soon do cold sores become noncontagious?

Cold sores are no longer contagious when the sores have dried and crusted completely. Until then, the herpes virus is contagious.

Are canker sores contagious?

Nope. Cold sores are though.

Cab you get herpes if there is no outbreak?

Herpes is contagious when sores are present. It may also be contagious at times when no sores or bumps are visible.

Are common cold sores really contagious?

Cold sores are considered to be highly contagious. In fact, the main cause of cold sores is getting it from someone else. Kissing, as well as sharing towels, eating utensils and razors are all ways to spread the cold sores.

Do cold sores cause canker sores if you lick your lips?

No the chances of canker sores are very less, canker sores once there are contagious though.

Are cold sores contageous?

Yes. People are most contagious when their sores are inflamed, but it can also be spread by saliva even when sores are not seen.

When are cold sores no longer contagious?

A cold sore is contagious up to about 14 days after the sore heals.Cold sores are most contagious when there is an active sore that is in the weeping stage; and it can be contagious for up to 21 days after the weeping begins.Always.There are small traces of the Herpes virus present in body fluids. Usually not enough for contagion.It is very contagious when it is inflamed. No kissing please.

What is the difference between a cold sore a canker sore and herpes?

Canker sores an cold sores are not the same thing. Oral herpes is caused by a contagious virus. Cold sores can cause a lot of discomfort or pain and they affect the out side of the mouth. Canker sores are caused by bacteria and as far as I know they are not contagious. Canker sores are raise white slightly itchy masses that occuron the inside of the mouth.

Can you get cold sores from kissing someone if they don't have a cold sore at the time?

Yes, there are certain stages when they are contagious.

Are leisions contagious?

That depends on what is causing the lesion. One caused by an physical accident (an abrasion) is not contagious but if they are caused by pathogens (eg cold sores) then yes they are contagious.

Kissing and cold sores?

Kissing can pass cold sores which are contagious. But cold sores are more likely to be passed when the person you're kissing has any signs of a cold sore. So if you or your partner has a cold sore then avoid kissing on the mouth until the cold sore is completely gone.

Is herpes simplex contagious without the sores?

Yes herpes is contagious without the sores; but not as contagious as during an outbreak.

If your boyfriend has cold sores on his mouth and he sucks your nipples can you get cold sores there?

Yes. Ouch! Listen if he has visible cold sores , don't let him anywhere near you because herpes zoster is a very contagious disease. Make sure his sores are healed before kissing, having any sexual contact, etc. Once you have the virus in your system, it is ALWAYS there. If he needs disparately to suck on nipples, buy him a baby bottle or pacifier.

If I kiss someone with a cold sore what's going to happen?

If you kissed them on the mouth while they had a visible cold sore then there is a high chance that you could get them too. Cold sores are very contagious during a break out, so don't kiss people while they have a cold sore.

What percentage is it that you will get herpes if you kiss someone with a cold sore?

If you kissed some one on the mouth while they have a cold sore (and if you don't all ready have cold sores) then you have a very high chance of getting cold sores. Cold sores are very contagious while there is any signs of a break out.

Do someone get cold sores in there butts?

It's possible to get cold sores on the genitals, but not inside of the genitals. If some one with a visible cold sore gives their partner oral sex then they could pass cold sores on to their partners genitals.

Can you catch HIV by kissing someone on the lips who has cold sores?

Definitely! The virus is very contagious.

Can you catch cold sores?

Cold sores are contagious so yes you can. They are commonly passed during child hood by being innocenlty kissed on or around the mouth by some one that has cold sores. They are rarely passed to the mouth during oral sex or intercourse.

How contagious are canker sores?

Canker sores are not infectious.

Are sores in the mouth contagious and can it be transferred by kissing?

Sores in mouth are caused by many different factors. Those caused by physical injuries such as canker sores, are not contagious. However, mouth sores caused by virus or bacteria could be contagious through kissing.

Your girl friend has cold sores on the corners of her lips can you kiss her on the lips or will you get the cold sores?

You can take the chance if you like, but to be safe, don't do it. The virus that causes cold sores is very contagious when the sores are in evidence and for a period before they show. Best bet is to be cautious and don't chance spreading this painful affliction any more than you have to.