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Yes. Dictionaries often display colloquial words and phrases with the abbreviation colloq. as an identifier.

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Colloquialisms are often listed in dictionaries?

yes, they are - don't ask me why though - when I was growing up, I was taught that it didn't go in the dictionary unless it was a proper English word, but now things like Twittering and LOL get added to the Oxford English Dictionary every year.

What is another word for local lingo?

dialect or draw Know also as "colloquialisms" - common spoken expression, often regional

Are Slang and colloquialism use synonymous?

Not always. Colloquialisms are old, common sayings, but slang is often new words and sayings.

Are Colloquialisms acceptable in a research paper?

I just had this question in school as a true or false and it is false. Colloquialisms are not acceptable in a research paper.

Are colloquialisms slang?

It is a type of slang. Frequently they are confined to a specific geographical location. The people there are about the only ones who know what their colloquialisms mean.

What are some examples of colloquialisms?

Cows Are vegetarians

Is there a colloquialism for appropriate?

Chill and cool are colloquialisms for appropriate.

Are idioms the same as colloquialism?

No, colloquialisms are slang terms.

What is the repeated use of a word or phrase?

a jargon or colloquialisms

What has the author Eric Schwimmer written?

Eric Schwimmer has written: 'Dictionary of Honduran colloquialisms, idioms and slang' -- subject(s): Spanish language, Dialects, Dictionaries, English

How are the order of definitions listed in dictionaries?

It's listed according to the alphabet (a,b,c...)

Examples of a colloqialism?

An incident *involving* Bob is *when* he died. asterisks are around colloquialisms.

Are using colloquialisms good in writing an analytical essay?

no because it is informal language

Should colloquialisms be avoided in formal written English because they are slang expressions?

They aren't slang. They are grammar mistakes made by people who do not originally speak english.

What is journal is it a verb or noun?

The word 'journal' is a noun only in most dictionaries. However, I have been hearing the word journal used as a verb quite often and it may not be long before it is accepted as a verb and listed as a verb in dictionaries. Oxford University Press Dictionary was the only one with journal listed as a verb, others are sure to follow.

Give three Australian colloquialisms for swimming suit?

Togs, trunks, cozzies, swimmers, bathers.

What is Gaelic for our family?

ár teaghlaigh but as with many Irish words this changes with dialect and even linguistic colloquialisms.

Vaquero and buckaroo are colloquialisms for what?

Cowboy Vaquero stands for cowboy in Spanish and I think Buckaroo stands for cowboy in Russian

What is it called when your willy grows?

You're joking right? In case not, it's called an erection as well as many colloquialisms.

What person must take the nwrm fundamentals course and how often?

All listed

What topics are listed under Dewey decimal system listed for 400-499?

dictionaries are under 400-499 of the Dewey decimal system

What is colloquialisms?

It means informal language. It is a characteristic of an appropriate to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing.

In the dictionary is Jacques cousteau listed under j or c?

People aren't listed in the dictionary very often. Try an encyclopedia, under C.

Particular powers of the congress that are listed in article 1 are often called the?

State of the union

What happens if the executor listed in the will can not be found?

The court will appoint an executor. That is often an attorney or a bank.