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Urine colour is no indication of pregnancy hon. Stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, diahrrhea, tummy bug, UTI or just wind.

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Q: Are constant stomach aches and clear urine likely to be stress or pregnancy?
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What are the causes of blood clots?

There are a number of things but stress and pregnancy are most likely

What causes the clotting of the blood.?

There are a number of things but stress and pregnancy are most likely

Can constant headaches at 3 and a half weeks be a sign or symptom of pregnancy?

it may be because of dehydration or of stress go to your doctor and talk to them about it

Is there any kind of problems during pregnancy that will make the mother and baby to die?

Pressing down too hard on stomach, and stress.

Can stress influence a pregnancy test?

No, stress can't influence the outcome of a pregnancy test.

Can stress cause a person to have symptoms of pregnancy?

Stress can definitely cause a person to have symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Over eating in stressful times in life causes gradual weight gain. Stress levels affect menstrual cycles, often delaying one's period. Upset stomach can be caused by nerves.

Could you be pregnant if you have sick stomach cramps gaining weight and not had a period?

Yes, the chances are good. Yes. those are signs that you are pregnant. Go to your doctor and take a pregnancy test or a home pregnancy test. You could be pregnant, but it could also be stress. Many symptoms early in pregnancy can also be due to stress or anxiety.

What is the number one illness for people who get picked on?

People who get picked on most often complain of stomach aches, very likely due to the increase is stomach acid when under stress.

Can stress effect a pregnancy test?

Stress cannot effect a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test measures the chemical HCG in the body, either by blood or urine. Stress has no effect on the production of HCG.

Can you do situps while pregnant?

I wouldn't recommend it, the stomach muscles are already hard at work protecting the uterus and the developing pregnancy, so you would more than likely be putting your body under quite a bit of stress by doing any abdominal exercises

Why is there a twist in your stomach?

Nerves or stress

What is instantaneous stress?

When the stress remains constant even when the time is increased is known as instantaneous stress.

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