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AnswerA quarter number less due to distance from the eye-lens. AnswerWell it depends on your power but till -5.00 dia power remains same.
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Q: Are contact lenses prescriptions different from glasses prescriptions?
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What do you call someone who fills prescription glasses or caontact lenses?

An optician fills prescriptions for glasses.

Can you wear contact lenses and glasses at the same time?

no we cant wear contact lenses and glasses at the same time. But we can wear cooling glass and contact lenses at the same time

Does James Hetfield have contact lenses?

yes , he wers glasses or contact lenses

How do glasses and contact lenses work?

Glasses lenses and contact lenses direct light to hit directly on your retina as a single point. That is what makes a clear image.

I am allergic to contact lenses what can i do?

get glasses

What are disadvantages of purchasing cheap contact lenses without prescriptions?

Disadvantages of purchasing cheap contact lenses without prescriptions include side effects such as red eyes, poor vision due to not having a prescription and irritated eyes. It's best to obtain a prescription for contact lenses to get the proper lenses for your needs.

Where can you make custom contact lenses?

You can order these custom made contact lenses online..with the proper prescriptions..and you can get them at very good and affordable prices..

What was the purpose of contact lenses?

The purpose is that you don't wanna have glasses or you want your eyes to be a different type of color.

How many people wear contact lenses?

These days the trend of wearing contact lenses is very high. And 6 out of 10 people prefer contact lenses instead of glasses.

Can I get contact lenses if I dont use glasses?

i this yes

How can glasses or contact lenses correct farsightedness?

with a penis

What are some uses of contact lenses?

If you have eye problems, contact lenses help you see better without needing glasses.

What should i wear while riding a bike contact lenses or glasses?

Obviously the glasses. Contact lenses will protect only the retina of the eye. Rest of the eye is exposed to the dust particles. You should use the glasses which will not allow entry of the dust particles in the eyes. So called bikers glasses. But it is better to have any type of glasses than none.

What can nearsightedness or myopia be corrected with?

Corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) or LASIK surgery can accomplish this.

What kind of lenses would you need in your glasses or your or contact lenses if you were long sighted?

A biconcave lens

What are the glasses called that have lines for lenses?

They are still called glasses .......................i thinkThey are called bifocals. This means that there's two different prescriptions on the same lens.

How do you improve our eye sight?

Wear glasses or contact lenses

What are 2 differences that contact lenses and glasses have?

frames and glass

Why are contact lenses important?

Because, they are like glasses, but you don't have to wear the glasses, at least I think.

What happens if you put your contacts in the wrong eyes?

Well, your eyes are different. They can have different prescriptions, so mixing up your contact lenses could not correct your vision properly- like wearing someone else's glasses. Also, if you have an infection in one eye, moving a contact lens from the infected eye to the uninfected eye could spread the infection.

Does Drake Bell wear eye contact lenses when he doesn't want to wear his glasses or he just doesn't wear glasses or eye contact lenses when he doesn't want to wear his glasses at all?

Why would you want to know this, You freaky Stalker.

How is Refraction used in lenses for eye glasses contact lenses cameras and telescopes?

it magnifys it like alott

What are common uses of refraction?

Refraction is used in lenses for eye glasses, contact lenses, cameras and telescopes.

How does contact lenses work how does it work when you are nearsighted farsighted?

Contact lenses is another way to correct vision besides wearing glasses. I am nearsighted and can't see anything without my glasses. It corrects my vision and I don't have to worry about having my glasses break

Does Hermione Granger wear contact lenses?

No, Hermione Granger does not wear contact lenses. There is never any mention of her needing glasses throughout the series.