Are cooked tomatoes better for you than raw ones?


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June 08, 2007 1:54PM

Anything in its green state is better for you as you get the full benefit of thetrace elements contained in the vegetable. When you boil the vegetable, you dilute and remove most of the goodness out of it. Steaming veggies is better, but still not as good as the a-la-natual. Most raw vegetables are superior to cooked ones with regard to vitamin content. Overcooking veggies can rob them of much of their nutritional content. Tomatoes, however, are a notable exception, particularly with regard tolycopene, an important carotenoid with anti-oxidant characteristics. Processed tomatoes -- that is, cooked ones -- have greater available lycopene than raw ones. Tomato sauce and soup -- and even ketchup! -- arebetter sources of lycopene than fresh tomatoes.