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Q: Are coyotes related to wolves
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How are coyotes and wolves related?

They are both in the Canid family

What species is related to dogs?

Foxes, wolves, and coyotes, jackals.

What animals are related to wolves?

dogs,coyotes,jackles, and foxes

Do coyotes hunt wolves?

No. Wolves and coyotes are related wild dogs so they do not eat wolves plus they eat plant eaters they are meat eaters. Coyotes are normally quite a bit smaller than wolves and the two species compete for food. It is not uncommon for wolves to kill coyotes because of this competition.

Are coyotes part of the cat family?

No, coyotes are related to wolves and wolves are known as part of the dog family... Lions, and tigers are part of the cat family

Who is a dog's living ancestor?

Dogs are closely related to the wolves. In fact, they are the same species.

What are wolves related to besides dogs?

In addition to dogs wolves are closely related to coyotes, dingos, and jackals. More distantly they are also related to foxes.

What animals is the red fox related to?

Foxes are canines, so they are related to dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals.

Can coyotes kill wolves?

It would be very unusual for coyotes to kill wolves, since wolves are larger and stronger than coyotes, but if a wolf was injured and outnumbered, coyotes might kill it.

If there are no more wolves then how will it affect coyotes?

Wolves and coyotes may compete for some of the same food. No wolves equals more food for coyotes. More food equals more coyotes.

Do wolves hunt coyotes?

Wolves generally do not hunt coyotes for food but do not tolerate coyotes in their territory and will kill them or drive them off.

Do wolves eat coyotes?

Wolves will occasionally kill coyotes but rarely will they eat them.

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