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They are Arthropods.

Edited: Land hermit crabs are from the arthropod phylum.

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Q: Are crabs arthropods
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Are insects spiders and crabs arthropods or sponges?


Is a crab arthropods?

Yes, crabs and Spiders are both arthropods.

Are sharks and crabs mammals?

No. Sharks are fish and crabs are arthropods.

Are hermit crabs reptiles?

No. They are arthropods.

Are crabs considered arthropods?


Are crabs and insects Arthropods?

Yes they are.

What types of arthropods are there?

Millipedes, shrimp, and crabs are some examples of arthropods.

Are crostations arthropods?

Yes, crustaceans like crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are arthropods.

What arthropods have featherlike gills?

lobsters and crabs?

What are examples of arthropods?

spiders crabs centipedesinsects

Which organisms are arthropods?

Crabs,Spiders,and Insects

Are hermit crabs arthropods?

They are Arthropods.Edited: Land hermit crabs are from the arthropod phylum.

Are dogs arthropods?

no, they're mammals, and im pretty sure arthropods are crabs and lobsters.

What things have exoskeletons?

Crabs, lobsters, insects, arthropods

Is arthopods endothermic or ectothermic?

arthropods such as crabs are ectothermic

Is an spider crab an insect?

No. Crabs are arthropods, but not insects.

Which group of arthropods lack jaws?

Chelicerates (crabs, Pycnogonida, and Mercostonata) are arthropods that lack jaws.

What are some animals in the phylum arthropods?

Some animals in phylum arthropods is a spider, centipedes or crabs.

Are insects and spiders and crabs arthropods?

Yes. Anything with an exoskeleton or a hard shell (except turtles) are arthropods.

Do arthropods live in the water?

Lobsters, crabs, and horseshoe crabs are examples of arthropods that live in the ocean. Crayfish (aka crawdads), diving beetles, diving spiders, and pond skimmers are examples of arthropods that live in fresh water.

Is a crab an arthropod?

Yes, crabs and spiders are both arthropods.

What are some exampels of arthropods?

Millipedes, centipedes, insects, crabs.

How are crabs and spiders related?

They are both arthropods. The similarities end there.

Insects and lobsters are arthropods?

Insects and lobsters are arthropods. Lobsters are crustaceans, which are like pill bugs, crabs, shrimp, and lobsters and Insects are a class in arthropods.

What are 5 animals that are arthropods?

spiders, crabs, beetles, lobsters, bees