Are crabs scavengers?

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Are crabs herbivores?

No. they are scavengers.

What are scavengers of the ocean?

crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, horseshoe crabs)

What are some examples of scavengers and detrivores?

Many crabs are scavengers and detritivores.

Which is the coloring enzyme in crabs?


What are some river scavengers?


Are stingrays scavengers?

no they eat crabs.

Who are some of the scavengers of the ocean?

Hermit crabs are the most common scavengers in the ocean.

What are some scavengers in a river ecosystem?


What do shore crabs eat?

Green Shore Crabs are scavengers. They eat anything they can find.

Do crabs eat stingrays?

Crabs are scavengers; they will eat stingrays if the stingrays are already dead.

What are the names of some ocean scavengers?

hermits crabs are one of the most common scavengers in the ocean.

What are some examples of aquatic scavengers?

"Bottom feeders" such as catfish are scavengers, as are many species of crabs.

Are lobsters carnivores or herbivore?

scavengers like crabs

What are examples of scavengers in the ocean?

ShrimpHermit Crabs

How do crabs obtain so much food?

They are scavengers

How do crabs feed?

Crabs are mostly scavengers, eating algae and debris off the ocean floor.

What do hermit crabs eat in their natural habitat?

hermit crabs like most crabs are scavengers and will eat dead fish and marine animals.

Does snow crabs eat human flesh?

Crabs are scavengers. If a person were to drown and sink, crabs wouldn't mind having a nibble at the body.

What do hermit crabs eat when you get them strait from the bay?

All crabs are scavengers. hermit crabs eat pretty much what ever floats to the bottom, or what they find on the beach.

What do ocean crabs eat?

Crabs are like buzzards. what do you want scavengers. If it's dead they'll pretty much eat it.

What does hermie crabs eat?

Hermit crabs are scavengers, so they will eat fruits, veggies, and sea food like shrimp.

Can hermit crabs eat corn?

yes hermit crabs can eat corn they could eat anything cause there scavengers

What scavengers live in the coral reef?

crabs, lobster is all i

Are crabs primary consumers?

Crabs feed primarily off of detritus on the ocean floor. As such, they are scavengers and not herbivores, therefore they are not primary consumers.

What scavengers lives in rivers?

There are crabs that live in the bottom of the river. They eat animals that were already eaten by other animals. These types of animals are called scavengers.