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I was on the pill for two years. Although being 99% effective, i cant say i havent seen people get pregnant while on the pill. The pill WILL make you emotional (ask my husband) and it may make you eat more. Now im just 1 woman out of thousands more that could help you, if you feel like you are pregnant, take a test and if you are, stop taking the pill. I hope this info will come in handy for you =D

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Is it usual to not be hungry during pregnancy?

Yes- as there are many symptoms of pregnancy- fatigue, loss of appetite, heartburn, etc.

Are an absent period and being hungry and tired along with increased urination and bowel movements all considered symptoms of pregnancy?

Hi, Yes these are pregnancy symptoms but there also symptoms of a tummy upset. If your period is late, do a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

What are signs of a baby hungry?

Crying is how a baby will let you know it's hungry.

You have had your goldfish for about 3 years and none of them have gotten pregnant why are they always hungry?

Goldfish do not have stomachs so they always feel hungry. This would explain why they are always so hungry. The fact that they are hungry all the time is a good sign- it means their healthy, and no they haven't gotten pregnant because pregnancy is not involved in the reproduction of goldfish.

If your stomach hurts and you're urinating and eating a lot could you be pregnant?

Go see a doctor. Pregnancies affect different people different ways. Those are some pregnancy symptoms; when i got pregnant my legs ached and i was always hungry. Take a pregnancy test, then see a doctor.

Why do newborn babies always cry?

Newborn babies can't communicate by talking so they communicate by crying. If a newborn baby is crying they are likely telling you that they are either: hungry, tired, gassy, cold or hot.

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms 2 days after embryo transfer?

i felt hungry most of the time, and also feel like doing vomitting.

Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if you are always hungry and have hunger pains and after you eat you have an upset stomach?

Hello. Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. But the tell tale symptom is no period.

In fist two weeks of pregnancy do you have symptoms?

Yes- being extremely hungry, not having period, exhausted, etc. a.k.a. ask ur doctor

How do you know baby is hungry?

He will crying & screaming the whole time

Can a baby die from crying?

no, baby won't die from crying.. it is only a sign that he/she needs something. maybe he/she is hungry or sleepy, ... and crying is how baby communicates...

Why is your kitten crying?

Probably because either it wants attention or its hungry.

My female goat looks pregnancy but not sure how do you tell?

if your goat is hungry more then usual then it probably is. or you can always take it to a Vet to check.

Which Disney character is always hungry?

Winnie-the-Pooh is always hungry for honey

Are wolves always hungry?

no wolves are not allways hungry.They are not as hungry as sharks.

How is having vivid dreams a sign of being pregnant?

Vivid dreams are not a reliable sign of pregnancy although many pregnant women have vivid dreams. Similarly, many pregnant women are also unusually hungry, but all people who are unusually hungry are not pregnant. Neither dreams nor hunger are reliable symptoms of pregnancy.

Does stomach growl during early stages of pregnancy?

The stomach always growls, pregnant or not. You are most likely hungry or gas is passing through.

Why is your dog crying and not eating?

Because it's depressed and maybe sad and not hungry

What are the very first symptoms of pregnancy and why do some women know right when they get pregnant?

You get sick easily, your never hungry anymore. You get morning sickness, when you throwup frequently, and when your period stops.

How should you feel in the first month and a week of pregnancy?

Hungry... Then it should hurt after then again hungry

How do you know when a baby raccoon is hungry?

The baby will become restless and begin crying as if in distress.

I ovulated 6 days ago and have been tired bloated hungry and have had cramps am I pregnant?

It seems a bit soon for pregnancy symptoms such as you describe to be affecting you, so I would suggest there is another cause.

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