Are cupcakes the same as cakes?


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So far I have found that the difference is that cupcakes are smaller (one portion as opposed to a cake which must be cut into portion sizes, hence piece of cake rather than piece of cupcake), you can't put cream in cupcakes, and a cupcake has a muffin top. Not to mention that cupcakes are iced only on the top whereas cakes are iced on the top and sides. AND the cooking time is different -LuckyNumber07 Says... So you are saying the base of a cupcake and cake are the same. But the frosting on a cupcake is only on the top and on a cake the icing or frosting is on the sides too!! :) Not to mention cupcakes are smaller. Darn!! :) -LuckyNumber07 (\__/)



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Cupcakes are just cakes that are as wide as cups

cupcakes brownies and cakes are all pretty much the same on the preheating oven, its about 350.

Cupcakes in spanish is "pastelitos", which technically means "little cakes".

Cupcakes are really popular in the U.S. In the Philipines,some people use cupcakes as their cakes in stead of regular cakes. So cupcakes are really popular,not just in the U.S. but also around the world. :D

most cupcakes are delicious. But I guess it all depends on what types of cakes you like.

gigis cupcakes dream cakes publix bakery old southern bakery edgar's bakery kinglar's bakery! I <3 CUPCAKES!!!

There are two syllables in the word cupcakes. The syllables in the word are cup-cakes.

Sometimes but they are more often used on cupcakes.

They're "mini" cakes about the size of cupcakes but shaped like wedding cakes. Some bakeries and caterers make them.

Petits gâteaux simply means little cakes and will suffice as a description for cup cakes.

There's this home bakery in Meridian, CT called Sarah's Cupcakes; they make awesome fondant cupcakes and cakes. Call them and make an order, they deliver if you want. See their listing below.

Sushi, pizza, cakes and cupcakes

No, there is no such thing as cup cakes in Iran.

Yes, cupcakes are just cakes baked in smaller pans or trays of pans.

When using butter in baking cupcakes, the effect is that the cakes are dense and not moist. Baking cupcakes without butter allows for a lighter, spongier cake.

Yes. They are like cakes that are sweet and sugary, except that they are smaller.

the moshi cup cakes are in candy caves and on moshi games

9 cups cakes are what part of a dozen

yes you can and it wont change the cakes in a bad way

He has 6 cupcakes and gave 4 away, so Sammy is left with 2 cupcakes.

You can find cupcakes and cakes at birtually any type of food store or market and at bakeries.

Taylor Mack Fine Cakes bakery in Columbus sell sugar free cupcakes.

Yes, most bakeries will create specialized cakes such as cupcakes or designed sheet cakes. 866-396-8429

Fats in cupcakes serve the same purpose as they do in cakes. The fats in cupcakes give them moistness, flavor and a better texture. Without fats, they would be very dry and unappealing to eat. There are several different types of fats that can be used in them, and most recipes do allow for substitution of one type of fat for another. Some of the fats that are used in cupcakes and cakes are shortening, butter, margarine and vegetable oil. You can also use olive oil and coconut oil in many recipes for baked goods.

No, cupcakes are small cakes. The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. It is similar in appearance to the potato.

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