Are cupcakes the same as cakes?

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So far I have found that the difference is that cupcakes are smaller (one portion as opposed to a cake which must be cut into portion sizes, hence piece of cake rather than piece of cupcake), you can't put cream in cupcakes, and a cupcake has a muffin top. Not to mention that cupcakes are iced only on the top whereas cakes are iced on the top and sides. AND the cooking time is different -LuckyNumber07 Says... So you are saying the base of a cupcake and cake are the same. But the frosting on a cupcake is only on the top and on a cake the icing or frosting is on the sides too!! :) Not to mention cupcakes are smaller. Darn!! :) -LuckyNumber07 (\__/)



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โˆ™ 2009-07-21 16:09:11
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Q: Are cupcakes the same as cakes?
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