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Are diet drinks good for you when dieting?


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  • No soda, whether it's Diet Soda it is not good for you.
  • If you are dieting, then diet sodas have less calories but they are still not good for you. Water and juice are much healthier drink.
  • The idea of dieting is to reduce calories. Drinking diet drinks do not add any calories to your diet so you can still achieve your goal of taking in less calories. Are diet drinks good for you? Whether you are dieting or not, diet drinks do not add any nutritive value to a meal.
  • Diet drinks are for enjoyment only (but, like all soda, not good for health).
  • I agree. Most of my family are diabetics. They drink diet sodas but in reality no soda is ever good for because it contains contains two much sodium or additives or chemicals. They should only be had every once in a great while. Otherwise, they may damage your health.
  • You might try a soda called ZEVIA it is an organic soda and doesn't taste bad.

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groundnut is good for diet

yes,all vegetables are good for dieting

Some good diet supplements to take while dieting are Hydroxycut, Orovo, Xenadrine, and Dexatrim. All of these diet supplements are very well known and can easily be found at GNC.

"A diet" is an overall plan for what, and how much to eat. "Dieting" is what you do when you follow such a plan.

Water is the best thing to drink while you're dieting. Soda and all sugary drinks are an absolute no, no. Best of luck.

yes diet coke and other diet drinks would also be good.

Your blood type is good to know but it has no factor on dieting. You should consult with your personal Doctor before dieting. You are able to change your diet but unable to change your bloodtype.

South Beach Diet cookies will not taste as good as non diet cookies, as they are for dieting. Regular cookies have lots of sugar and and fat. These will not have that, therefore affecting the taste.

Yes fish is a very good thing to eat well dieting you should cut out and beef

Yes you can but like with food in moderation. Do not over do it at a party, and also remember you want to have memories of the party. The book that help me with dieting and eating health was "How to Drink While Dieting," by Michael Cecchin. Please read this book it is soooooo worth it.

Some of the best diet foods to eat while dieting are vegetables and fruit. Especially those that are low in calories but high in fiber. Celery, squash, are some good foods to look at.

No soda is good for a diet. Try sticking to water! Diet soda contains harmful chemicals, such as aspartame. However, energy drinks are alright (not sugar free)

Before dieting you should talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to inform you.

foods and drinks that you know that are very healthy and contain stuff that are very good for your health

If dieting is not done correctly then it can be dangerous. Having a bad diet can be just as dangerous, if not more.

No, not if all you are having is juice. Even a mix between fruit and vegetable juice will not give you all of the nutrients and healthy, varied diet that is good for your body.

Yes, chicken rice soup is good diet food. Soup in general is good for dieting because it has a high water content, and water helps fill you up without contributing calories to your diet.

Weight Watchers, DietWatch, eDiets, the Dukan Diet, and the 17 Day Diet are great dieting programs that you can access for free to help you find the diet plan you are looking for!

how does dieting affect you physically

No, you should choose foods that are good for a diet, yet I do not know. Diet diet diet diet diet, that is what you must do to be healthy. Then you loose more weight through dieting and exercising.

Good question. My brother in-laws friend is good pals with Selena and he said no. And that Selena wood never think of dieting.

My suggestion is to look up information on the gerd diet to see if it is what you want and what you require in a diet. Remember to check with your doctor before any serious dieting. Good luck.

Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of websites about dieting. Here is that list to assist you in finding the most appropriate diet for you:

diet drinks do not cause cancer at all if you think that that is weird

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