Are diet drinks good for you when dieting?

  • No soda, whether it's diet soda it is not good for you.
  • If you are dieting, then diet sodas have less calories but they are still not good for you. Water and juice are much healthier drink.
  • The idea of dieting is to reduce calories. Drinking diet drinks do not add any calories to your diet so you can still achieve your goal of taking in less calories. Are diet drinks good for you? Whether you are dieting or not, diet drinks do not add any nutritive value to a meal.
  • Diet drinks are for enjoyment only (but, like all soda, not good for health).
  • I agree. Most of my family are diabetics. They drink diet sodas but in reality no soda is ever good for because it contains contains two much sodium or additives or chemicals. They should only be had every once in a great while. Otherwise, they may damage your health.
  • You might try a soda called ZEVIA it is an organic soda and doesn't taste bad.